Fear the Beard

We’ve been planning for Reuben to be James Harden for several months BUT the night before our Family Fun Festival at our church, Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets.  SO…we had to improvise.  Reuben is obviously not very happy about the trade.

Gabriella tagged along as a Thunder cheerleader and Reuben stayed in character.

Reuben had a great time playing all the different games and collecting candy in his bucket.  He hasn’t quite figured out the strategy of picking the best candy.  He just grabbed the first thing he saw.  We’ll have to work on that…

We ran into several of our little friends.

A meeting of the minds 🙂

We had some special visitors join us!

Mommy and Daddy had to wear our Thunder gear, too!

The cutest little Thunder fans there ever were!

On Tuesday, Reuben got to wear his costume to school.  They trick-or-treated in the church lobby where the staff handed out candy and they got to end their day with a fall party!  I like how Reuben tucks his beard into his sweat band to eat 😉

This is Will, Reuben’s BFF at school.  Almost everyday when I pick Reuben up and ask him how his day was, he says, “Good!  I wrestled Will!”

Then, on Halloween night, Reuben got to dress up one last time and go to the Fall Festival at my parents’ church.  He really enjoyed playing more games, getting more candy, and jumping on the big inflatables!

He even got his face painted.  When the lady asked what he wanted on his face, his first request was Rumble (the Thunder mascot), but we settled on a basketball on one cheek and OKC on the other.

And, as usual, Gabriella was just sitting back and enjoying life!


Anything for a Sale

We ventured to Old Navy with both kids in tow to take advantage of their 40% off everything, one day sale. It ALMOST wasn’t worth it.

Just one more example of a scenario I swore I would never be a part of…

“I would NEVER let MY child tackle a child-sized mannequin to the ground, tear his arm off and try to sword fight with it before returning it to his mom ONLY after several threats.  Nope, definitely not MY child.”

*Pictures courtesy of Nick.  He obviously was very invested in disciplining the wild child.*


Reuben’s Big Adventure

My sister gave me the greatest gift when she offered to take Reuben overnight while Gabriella had her tubes surgery.  On Wednesday afternoon, we met half way in Stroud.  Reuben was clearly very upset about leaving me.

Reuben raved about the dinner Uncle Chad fixed (chicken, rice, and green beans!) and was super excited to meet up with Uncle Neal and Auntie Shan for ice cream.  What a treat!

The little stinker put up quite a fight at bedtime.  Thankfully, once he went to sleep, he stayed asleep for the whole night.  He DID wake Auntie Ray Ray up bright and early at 6:50, though.

Rachel decided she would be superwoman and take Reuben and Brynlee to the OKC Zoo by herself.  As a going away gift, Rachel’s 2nd grade class bought her a membership to the zoo.  What a thoughtful gift!

Reuben has been desperate to see a gorilla for months (the Tulsa Zoo doesn’t have one), so he was THRILLED to see them at “Ray Ray’s zoo.”

Reuben has been telling me about the gorillas at least once a day since he came home.  He’s told me about when they first arrived the gorillas were in “time out” while the zookeeper set out some food.  Then, they all came out and ate lots of salad and carrots!  So exciting!

What’s a trip to the zoo without a posed picture with NEITHER of the kids looking at the camera? 😉

My child is a nut.

Another super special treat was feeding the giraffes!  Reuben said they loved to eat tree branches!

These two kiddos look pretty tired, but not more tired than my sister probably felt!

After a good nap, Rachel took Reuben to one last place…Eileen’s Cookies for a Thunder cookie!

While we were waiting to pick Reuben up at our halfway point, Gabriella decided to do some driving.

Reuben had the time of his life on his overnight adventure with Uncle Chad, Auntie Ray Ray, and Brynlee.  I’m so thankful for this wonderful gift Rachel gave me.  It was so special to be able to focus on Gabriella and know that Reuben was being well taken care of and having a great time.  We are truly blessed!

Fishing with PaPa



On Friday morning, my dad asked if he could take Reuben fishing at Bass Pro.  PaPa has been talking about taking Reuben fishing since I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy.  He bought him his first fishing pole when he was like 6 months old.

So, Friday ended up being the perfect day to make all of PaPa’s fishing dreams come true.  The weather was nice, my dad’s schedule was free, and Reuben was capable and VERY excited.  I asked my dad if he could take some pictures while they were fishing, but he was too busy hooking worms and keeping Reuben from jumping in the pond 😉

When I pulled up to Bass Pro to pick them up, Reuben was looking very proud with his Mickey Mouse fishing pole and his new Cars tackle box loaded with fishing supplies.

This picture makes me want to cry every time I look at it.  The PURE joy in both of their faces makes me so thankful.  I love the way PaPa loves Reuben and the way Reuben loves his PaPa.  I’m so thankful for my dad and how invested he is in our lives.

Reuben sat down on the sidewalk and started showing off all his new stuff in his tackle box.  He even knew the name of everything!

We had to check out the ducks before we left…

…and chase a goose.

They didn’t catch any fish this time, but they enjoyed their quality time and already have big plans of going back 🙂

Reuben’s Second Day of School!!


Well, I actually remembered to take Reuben’s picture this week 🙂  I can’t believe how much he’s changed from year to year.  My baby boy is growing up.  *TEARS*

I know I’m biased, but I have one HANDSOME little boy.  I’m so proud of him!

And…informing me that we better hurry up because he’s about to miss the bus…that he’s not riding…


First Day Fail

Reuben goes to Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays.  This is his third year to go.  Today is his first day of school.

I completely forgot to take a picture and/or dress him cute for his first day.  Did you get that?

I forgot to take a picture of my child on his first day of school.

I also forgot to make a special gift for his two teachers to welcome them back to school.

Honestly, we’ve had a rough couple of months.  Nick’s schedule at work has been INSANE, the lack of a weekly schedule during the summer months has worn my patience thin, and we were all feeling the stress.  I was so focused on the excitement of starting back to a routine and having the chance to run some errands with one child instead of two that I FORGOT TO TAKE A FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PICTURE.

So…for any of you who might have the misconception that I have it all together…just remember this post.

And…stay tuned for next week’s post…Reuben’s 2nd Day of School!!!

(My OCD won’t allow me to write this one off.  I have to have a follow up post to this one and this one.)

Little Gym Graduation

Reuben recently graduated from his first session of Little Gym. We have had a wonderful year! Reuben has come a LONG way! He has improved in his independence, confidence, self-control, attentiveness, and, of course, his physicality. The Little Gym is a wonderful program, but his teacher, Miss Tammy, just takes it to a whole new level. She is patient, energetic, fun, and commands the respect of a class full of toddlers. She is simply amazing! We’re taking a break for the summer, but looking forward to taking more classes in the future AND getting little Miss G involved.

These pictures were taken on their showcase day. The parents were invited to come in and watch (we usually watch through a wall of windows) all the wonderful skills the kids had developed over the course of the year.

It’s crazy to think that when Reuben started this class, I was pregnant, and by the end, Gabriella was sitting up like such a big girl watching her brother.

The graduate and his teacher, Miss Tammy.

It was so fun to take this class with Reuben’s best little buddy, Isaiah.  They have come a long way this year…from tackling each other every chance they got to being able to stand this close to take a picture without having an intervention!