Pride Comes Before a Fall

So…I was working on preparing Advent activities to do with Reuben this year and ran across a website that has several FREE Pre-K packs that are categorized by a variety of holidays and themes. They are super cute! I decided the Winter Wonderland and Nativity Packs would be great to have on hand to use with Reuben when we have down time. He has been highly interested in all things counting, shapes, alphabet, reading related so these seem right up his alley.

These Pre-K packs are super cute and I wanted to use them more than once SO I figured I would print them in color on card stock paper and laminate the pages that required writing. This way Reuben could just use a dry erase marker and work on them over and over. Once I got them all printed, I headed to Mardel to laminate them.

After working as a school teacher for 7 years, I feel very confident in my laminating skills. In fact, dealing with lamination was one of my favorite parts of being a teacher. Preparing for each school year felt like Christmas to me because I would have a LARGE stack of lamination that needed to be cut out. The stress of an impending first day of school was quickly minimized the moment I sat down in front of the TV, grabbed my trusty pair of scissors, and started to glide my way through the stack of lamination. LOVED IT.

Because of my extensive resume in the field of lamination, I confidently walked back to the machine, checked to make sure all the appropriate lights were lit, the perfect speed was set, and the level of heat was just right. Once all these things were properly checked and adjusted, I began the process of sending my cute little Pre-K pack through the laminator, one page at a time.

As I was sending my pages through, I was thinking to myself:

“You know, Mardel sure has a lot of faith in the customer to allow any Joe Schmo to come back here and use this expensive machine. I mean, I’m highly qualified and have extensive experience, but not everyone is qualified as I when it comes to the art of lamination. There are so many people who could really screw these machines up.”

Suddenly, my prideful thoughts were interrupted by a Mardel employee, who looked herself to be a retired school teacher who probably had her own extensive resume in laminating, waving her hands at me and telling me to stop the machine. You see, what I didn’t realize as I was having an award ceremony in my head in which I presented the award for BEST LAMINATOR EVER to myself, was that the beautiful pages I was sending through were not coming out the other side. Instead, they were jamming up and wrapping back into the machine.

I was horrified.

How could I, not just any Joe Schmo off the street, jam up the laminator?!? The poor retired school teacher had to take the machine apart and CUT MY PAGES OUT OF THE MACHINE. I stumbled all over my words as I tried to prove to her that I knew what I was doing, followed all the procedures, and tried to convince her that there must be something wrong with the machine.

I don’t think she bought it.

I hung my head in shame as I carried my wad of halfway laminated preschool papers under my arm and walked out of the store. As I walked away, I looked over my shoulder just in time to see an “Out of Order” sign being taped to the front of the laminator.

First pride, then the crash— the bigger the ego, the harder the fall.

–Proverbs 16:18 (The Message)


Fourth of July Decor

I’m super late getting my Fourth of July decor up this year, but with the upcoming Olympics, I’m planning to leave my patriotic display out while cheering on the USA!  I hosted craft night on Friday night, so I finally had some focused craft time to finish up a few projects for my display.

I made my final runner

(It will be so nice to have my decor on hand now and just change it out for each season/holiday.  I think I’ll always be adding new things, but it’s nice to have the basics done!)

I changed out my frames

I used a leftover centerpiece from my sister’s going away party

I used my Cameo and some scrapbook paper to make these pinwheels…

 And changed out my Subway art

And, just for kicks, I made this fun and festive shirt for Gabriella.  I got the idea HERE.

I Heart Nap Time

Mother’s Day 2012

I had a wonderful and busy Mother’s Day weekend!

On Saturday, I hosted my family for cookout.  Shannon and Neal drove in from Edmond for the day. We had a great time, with lots of laughter, of course 🙂

My mom and her 3 girls.

Gabriella enjoyed getting some snuggle time with her Auntie Shan.

Apparently my house should be renamed, “The Frozen Tundra,” because this is what I saw when I looked around.  You would have thought we had the AC set to 58 degrees.  It was on 73, people.

Rachel posing with her Mother’s Day plaque 🙂

My mom seemed pretty excited about her new perfume!

You know you’re a mother if…you get excited about a gift of new Rubbermaid for Mother’s Day.

Brynlee loves Gabriella.  She’s ready to play with her and show her all her tricks.  But, for now, she’s settled with tickling her toes.

On Saturday night at church, Reuben got to help pass out some chocolate truffles to the moms.  After passing them out, Pastor Mike called Reuben, Troyer, and Diego up on stage to do a little interview.

Here’s a clip of Reuben’s interview…

On Sunday morning, I was greeted in bed by these two cuties with cards and flowers.

I also got spoiled with these fun gifts 🙂

We got all dressed up and heading back to church for round two (because Gabriella only allowed Mommy to sit through worship on Saturday night).  It turned out that they needed an extra helper in Gabriella’s class so I spent that service with her, too.  I’m thankful I have the option to watch the sermon online later!

We had my in-laws over for a nice, relaxed lunch on Sunday after church.  After naptime, we took the kids to the park to enjoy the beautiful weather.  Once we got the kids to bed, we snuggled in for a night of TV…Survivor finale and the Sister Wives season premiere!  That is MY kind of night!

Easter 2012

Our Easter weekend was a whirlwind.  Nick had rehearsal at the church on Friday night, Saturday was full with soccer, an Easter egg hunt at my parents’ church, two services at church, time with both families, and Sunday held two more services and even more time with family.  Around the holidays, I’m always extra thankful that our families are close so we don’t have to travel in order to enjoy all the festivities on both sides.  We’re usually pretty tired by the end of it, but happy to have enjoyed lots of time with those we love.  And as with any holiday post, there are LOTS of pictures.

After soccer on Saturday morning, we went to my parents’ church for the egg hunt.  Reuben was more anxious to find out what was inside each egg than to try to collect as many as he could.

They also had some inflatables which Reuben LOVES.  He hasn’t quite figured out, though, that it isn’t a place to practice his WWF or UFC skills.  Brynlee enjoyed just sitting there since it was her first time to be in an inflatable.

Reuben even had some time to swing with PawPaw.

After the egg hunt, Nick took Reuben to the mall (in search of his wallet he lost the day before…and he found it!), and while they were there they peeked at the Easter bunny.  Reuben was a bit skeptical so this is as close as they got 😉

Nick’s parents had us over on Saturday night after church.  Both kids had a great time opening their Easter baskets from Grandma and Grandpa.

Nick’s cousins are always so great to hang out with and entertain Reuben.  Taking pictures at the computer seems to be a new tradition.  Right here, they’re all doing Reuben’s impression of the dead skunk on the road 🙂

My babies on Easter morning before church.

 (I made Reuben’s tie using this tutorial and here’s a tutorial explaining how I made Gabriella’s bow.)

After an AMAZING church service (you can see it HERE), we headed outside with our friends to take some pictures with everyone in their super cute Easter outfits.  These friends BLESS me so much.  I am SO thankful.

Our family…my cup runneth over.

(For those observant eyes, Gabriella is wearing a different onesie and no tights in this picture.  Why?  She had a blowout within minutes of being in the church nursery.  Very graceful.)

We gave up on trying to get the boys to all smile at the camera.  Instead, we told them what kind of face to make…




Brielle and Madelyn joined in just in time for…


and TIRED…

Reuben ADORES his Uncle Chris.

After church, we headed to my parents’ house for a delicious lunch.  After lunch, Reuben went to the backyard for an egg hunt my mom had set up for him.  He had so much fun.  Cabos followed closely behind him.

After Reuben finished, we took Brynlee to the front yard for her egg hunt. She wasn’t too sure about it, but after some coaxing, she joined in the fun.

She clapped for herself when she finished 🙂

The precious Coleman family…my brother in law–Chad, sister–Rachel, and niece–Brynlee.

The beautiful Krones…my brother in law–Neal and sister–Shannon.

And another picture of the Agimudie family.  (Somehow we forgot to take a picture of my parents!!!)

Once pictures were finished, we went inside so Reuben and Brynlee could open up their eggs and collect the prizes inside.  One of the eggs had a dollar bill in it and when Reuben took it out, he said, “Offering!  Thank you, Cammie, for the offering!”

After a much needed afternoon nap, we finally sat down and gave Reuben and Gabriella their gifts from us.  Without talking about it, Nick and I each got the kids an Easter basket separately, so they got double the gifts this year.  Ooops.

We had such a great weekend.  So thankful for a chance to celebrate our RISEN KING with our friends and family.

A Little Easter Fun

Last week, we were invited to our friend’s house for an Easter party for the kids in our small group.  Kara did a great job planning, preparing, and hosting the party.  The kids had a great time!

Gabriella got all dressed up for the party in her new Easter shirt (made by Mommy…thanks to the magic machine AKA Cameo) and her jean skirt.

Kara had lunch all ready for the kids when we got there and even did a little Bible story using the Resurrection Eggs.

I’m not gonna lie, the Easter egg dyeing stressed me out a little and I had to walk away from the table a couple of times.  Thankfully, I have friends that are much more relaxed than me and could take over when my blood pressure started to rise 😉

Reuben was pretty proud of his finished product!

Gabriella did a little sunbathing while the big kids were busy dyeing their eggs.

Gearing up for the big hunt!

These two look like they’re looking for trouble…

And the hunt is on…

I love that our group shots are always so crazy.  It’s a perfect representation of reality 🙂

Valentine’s Day

We had a busy and fun Valentine’s Day yesterday.  Reuben’s school had Donuts with Dads to start off the morning.  Reuben thought it was pretty cool to have Daddy at his school AND to eat donuts for breakfast instead of yogurt and granola.

I came back at lunch time to take some pictures of Reuben’s party with his friends.  When I got there, he had a sticker on his forehead.  His teachers said he got it for going potty and that’s where he decided to put it.  Lovely.

Examining the delicious cupcake before taking a bite.  This kid had way more sugar than he’s used to yesterday.  Oh well…that’s what holidays are for, right?!?

I just think he looks so cute sitting at the table with his friends 🙂

Reuben’s teacher told me they had to add the extra table because it was getting too crowded at the big table.  She said Reuben and his 2 friends always choose the smaller table.  The kid likes his space…too bad he doesn’t appreciate my desire for space when we’re at home!

Showing off for Mommy!

After class, we stop in at PawPaw’s office to say hello.  Cammie had sent a special V-Day gift for Reuben to open.  Reuben loved it!

Reuben loves his PawPaw 🙂

Gabriella had to get her shots at her 4 month check up while Reuben was at school so she sat by and watched…tired and unamused.

Reuben surprised his baby sister with a rose and a teddy bear.

And I got my own roses and teddy bear, too!  Reuben did a great job helping Daddy pick out our gifts.

Reuben’s Valentines

Thanks to Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs, I had way too much fun creating Reuben’s Valentines to hand out to his friends this year.  I know that his toddler friends could probably care less about what I created, but crafting is an outlet for me so I sure enjoyed myself while making them!

First, I got inspired HERE to make these for Reuben’s friends in our small group:

I got the little mailboxes for $1 at Target and used my Cameo to cut the vinyl to label to and from on the front and side.  (I’ll put a little treat in the mailbox, too.)

I bought a few sheets of felt from Hobby Lobby (4 for $1) and cut 3 of these house shapes from each sheet.

Once the shape was cut out, I folded the bottom up to get it ready for the stitch along the edge.

I used embroidery floss and hand stitched all the way around the edge.

Now it’s an envelope with a pocket for a little note.

I added a tiny square of velcro so I could seal the envelope.  I used my Silhouette software to create the little notes that slip inside the envelope.  I’m planning to give Reuben some crayons and let him “sign” each note.

Then, I got inspired HERE to make these for Reuben’s friends in his Mother’s Day Out class:

Once again, I used the Silhouette software to create the note.  I plan to fill the bags with Teddy Grahams and staple the label on the top to seal the bag.