Top 10 Reasons the First Week Has Been AWESOME

Nick is wrapping up his first week of being a full time worship pastor at Destiny Church. There have been several times this week we’ve looked at each other and smiled huge smiles when we’ve realized how GOOD it feels to have MARGIN back in our lives. As we’ve pushed on the brakes, we’ve started to understand just how hard we were pressing on the gas pedal.

So…here’s the Top 10 Reasons (from this week) I’m LOVING Nick’s new job:

  1. After pouring his heart out while leading worship in our 3 services this weekend, we had Monday OFF to REST as a family!!
  2. We didn’t have to pick out and iron his dressy work clothes for the entire week. He is able to dress in his “normal” clothes!
  3. On Tuesday afternoon, Nick was home by 4:15 allowing me to cook dinner while he watched the kids!
  4. We had almost 3 full hours with Daddy at home on Tuesday afternoon/evening before he had to go to vocal and band practice.  It used to be he’d run in the door, eat dinner, and run back out the door.
  5. Nick didn’t have to fight his way through 5 o’clock traffic after a crazy day at work to make it to church on time.  He was already at church…finished his work day at 4:00…and was able to hang out at church and work on writing a new song until preservice band practice began.
  6. Nick is off on Thursday mornings so he stayed with Gabriella while I took Reuben to school and then had a chance to run errands by myself!
  7. We got to enjoy a staff Christmas party at our pastors’ beautiful home over lunch on Thursday and then spend the rest of the afternoon relaxing as a family.
  8. We had TIME to go out with some of our friends on Thursday night because our schedule was open enough to allow it!
  9. Nick got to come home and have lunch with us today!
  10. My husband has a pep in his step, a smile on his face, and is excited about this new journey…AND SO AM I!!

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