Trusting His Next Step

**I asked my amazing husband, Nick, to write a guest post for me today describing the exciting new season our family is stepping into this week. So, without futher adieu, here he is…**

Recently, I made the decision to transition from working a secular IT job to full time ministry.  For the past four years, I have served as the worship pastor of our church while working a full time job as a DBA.  Thanks to the Destiny Church staff who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, I was able to do ministry bi-vocationally.  When I was in my twenties and had no kids, this was feasible.  But, now I’m in the thirties and we have 2 kids!  My margins had disappeared and it became obvious earlier this year that a change had to occur sooner than later.

In the past few months, Amy and I have been through a process of reassessing our ‘ministry.’   First and foremost, our primary ministry is to our family, specifically our children and to each other.  This is something that Pastor Carl Lentz from Hillsong New York City tweeted a few months ago, that really resonated with me.  In this last season, we had been overextending ourselves and not giving ourselves the margin we needed to be the parents we knew God wanted us to be.  This involved some serious soul-searching.  We had reached a fork in the road.  Something had to give.

Next, it was important for us to ask ourselves if we were answering the ‘call’ of God on our lives.  We are all called to something.  We are called to do, called to sow, called to help, called to bless, called to minister, called to be the Hands and Feet, called by Christ Jesus Himself.  Part of this transition was revisiting what we felt we were called to do, and to seek God for where we were called to be planted. Our family believes that there is life to be found in the body of a local church, and it was important for us to recognize that Destiny Church is the place that God has called us to be planted during this next season of our lives.

Many times, we get busy with the where, hows, and whens of our call.  Jobs, titles, and roles may come and go, but the call of God on your life will stay with you forever.  Knowing who you are in Christ and what He has called You to do is an integral step to discovering Your purpose on the Earth.  As a family, we had to get back to basics.  Come back to our First Love – Jesus, and obeying the next step which He had put in front of us.  I’m finding a major piece of faith is simply asking God what’s next and obeying that.  Trusting God with your next step is many times much harder than trusting Him with your eternity.

This journey has helped us bring clarity to our purpose and we couldn’t be more happy (or full of joy) for what has been placed before us.  We know that there will be challenges, but like Pastor Mike spoke about at church this weekend – there’s a difference between God’s word, and God’s word for MY life, and today, I will choose to live according to His word for MY life.

The concept of a new season is a theme that has been a part of Amy and I’s relationship from the very beginning.  It was the theme of our wedding!  That theme continues to ring true as we turn the page and look forward to a new chapter of HIStory – God writing His story through us.



One Comment on “Trusting His Next Step”

  1. Heather Tiger says:

    Awesome! Congrats to you Nick, and blessings to both of you as you begin this new and continued journey. I know God will work amazing things through your obedience to His call and your family will be the better for it.

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