Ella Reu Designs

I apologize for my absence from the blogging world the last several days!  I’ve been busy with a new business venture!  After many years of talking and dreaming about it, I finally took the plunge and decided to begin making and selling some things through my small business, Ella Reu Designs.  My mom, sisters, and I have always enjoyed going to craft shows and making crafts of our own.  I don’t know how many times we’ve said over the last 10+ years…”We could SO do this!”  I finally decided that there’s no better time than the present to take the leap.

I posed the challenge to my Facebook friends to come up with the business name for me.  My friend, Caney, came up with Ella Reu Designs (Ella for Gabriella and Reu for Reuben) and I absolutely LOVE it.  It’s cute, has a ring to it, and represents the reason I’m doing all of this…for my two little blessings.

My friend from church, Devin, did the amazing logo design.  He was a pleasure to work with and put up with lots of emails and nitpicking from me.  I definitely recommend him for any of your design needs!

I’m still in the VERY beginning stages…mostly just selling to my Facebook friends…and trying to get a feel for what people are excited about and what I enjoy making.  So far, I’m having SO much fun and feel like I have opened up a whole new pathway to JOY and FUN for myself.  I’ve been spending nap times and late evenings busy sewing, planning, shipping, organizing, etc and am thoroughly enjoying myself!! So…we’ll see where it goes from here!  I’m eventually planning to open an online shop, but for now, I’m solely on Facebook.  Stop on by, take a look around, and let me know what you think!!

Ella Reu Designs


One Comment on “Ella Reu Designs”

  1. Heather Tiger says:

    Proud to be a customer of your fabulous work! Way to go Amy!

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