13 Months Old

I’m almost a week late on this post!  Gabriella is 13 months old and has experienced quite a few changes recently!  She finally started crawling one week after her first birthday.  We baited her with Cheerios and she finally did it!  Ever since that day she has not looked back.  She is BUSY and into everything.  She’s loving her new found freedom and independence.  She loves to sample every tiny little speck she finds on the floor.  She’s very curious and wants to play with whatever toy Reuben is playing with.  This has been a season for him to learn patience and self-control 😉  Gabriella is a charmer and a talker.  She loves to talk to those around her and be involved in what is going on.  Her latest fascination is pulling on eyelashes and eyebrows.  While it shows great hand eye coordination, it can be painful and annoying at times.  Now that Gabriella is on the move, she’s not quite as laid back as she has been, but she is still very easy going.  She’s ALMOST sleeping through the night again (7 months later!!) which is a BLESSING.

Within hours of her starting to crawl, it was apparent that I need to start baby proofing again.

Gabriella has a great time playing while Reuben is in his Little Gym class every Monday. She looked too cute this day…like she was ready to hit the gym herself.

While Reuben is at school, Gabriella is my shopping buddy.  She is obviously just as relaxed by shopping at Target as I am 🙂

She’s been enjoying experiencing all the new toys that have been out of her reach or too big for her.  She thought it was hilarious to sit on the trampoline while Reuben jumped.

Such a pretty girl 🙂

Gabriella’s having the time of her life in Reuben’s room while he’s having to exercise much restraint.

She LOVES her blankie.  It is an instant calm for her.

My cute little shopping buddy peeking through the fabrics.  I love this age when even the simplest things are fun.


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