The Brown Mr. Right

Nick and I started dating officially in March of 2001.  A few months later, I moved to Glorieta, New Mexico to work for the summer as a Day Camp Counselor at the Lifeway Conference Center.  Our relationship was still new and fresh, but I knew Nick was something special.  We wrote a lot of letters back and forth that summer.  Those letters are a keepsake I will treasure forever.

Anyway, as a Day Camp Counselor, we were always making crafts.  One particular day, I decided to use some craft supplies to make a 3D model of this boyfriend I had been describing to everyone.  This is what I came up with…brown skin, dashing smile, spiky hair, a beautiful flower in one hand, and a ping pong paddle in the other (in Trinidadian colors, of course).  Looks just like Nick, doesn’t it??  We referred to the little guy as “The Brown Mr. Right.”  He hung on the wall in my dorm room the whole summer and I’ve kept him ever since.  Now he hangs on the wall in my craft corner of the office.

ANYWAY…five years later, I married The Brown Mr. Right and today is his birthday!!  I’m so thankful for the man I married and this whole day that is set aside to celebrate his birth.  He is Godly, steady, supportive, loving, funny, caring, easy going, anointed, and so darn HANDSOME.  He’s the best husband and daddy.  He has taken each new season/challenge/opportunity on with passion and excellence.  I feel 100% confident in him leading our family (if you know how much of a control freak I tend to be, you realize how big of a deal this is). I’m proud of the daddy he is to our kids and the husband he is to me.

He is absolutely The Brown Mr. Right.

Happy birthday, Nick!!!  I love you!!!


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