Fear the Beard

We’ve been planning for Reuben to be James Harden for several months BUT the night before our Family Fun Festival at our church, Harden was traded to the Houston Rockets.  SO…we had to improvise.  Reuben is obviously not very happy about the trade.

Gabriella tagged along as a Thunder cheerleader and Reuben stayed in character.

Reuben had a great time playing all the different games and collecting candy in his bucket.  He hasn’t quite figured out the strategy of picking the best candy.  He just grabbed the first thing he saw.  We’ll have to work on that…

We ran into several of our little friends.

A meeting of the minds 🙂

We had some special visitors join us!

Mommy and Daddy had to wear our Thunder gear, too!

The cutest little Thunder fans there ever were!

On Tuesday, Reuben got to wear his costume to school.  They trick-or-treated in the church lobby where the staff handed out candy and they got to end their day with a fall party!  I like how Reuben tucks his beard into his sweat band to eat 😉

This is Will, Reuben’s BFF at school.  Almost everyday when I pick Reuben up and ask him how his day was, he says, “Good!  I wrestled Will!”

Then, on Halloween night, Reuben got to dress up one last time and go to the Fall Festival at my parents’ church.  He really enjoyed playing more games, getting more candy, and jumping on the big inflatables!

He even got his face painted.  When the lady asked what he wanted on his face, his first request was Rumble (the Thunder mascot), but we settled on a basketball on one cheek and OKC on the other.

And, as usual, Gabriella was just sitting back and enjoying life!


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