Pumpkin Patch 2012

Gabriella and I weren’t able to go to the pumpkin patch last year, so we were really looking forward to going this year.  My sister and I made the girls matching dresses and had big hopes and dreams of getting pictures among the pumpkins in the patch.  Well, unfortunately, it rained on the day we planned to go.  Now, usually, the rain would deter people from driving 40 minutes to the pumpkin patch, but NO, not us.  We were determined…to no avail.  Our visit was a total fail.

At least the girls looked cute in their matching dresses.

Reuben was a thrilling addition to the bunch.

Despite the full on DOWNPOUR, I was committed to getting some pictures.  The kids, however, were committed to looking at the rain.

I started pulling produce off the shelves to make a scene for a nice picture.  THAT was a raging success.

Brynlee had a BLAST.  I think she was convinced that we brought her there to play in the rain.

Gabriella was just happy to hang out with her Cammie.

So…since we didn’t end up using our Living Social deal on that day, we decided to try again this weekend.  It was a beautiful day despite the freezing temperatures.

Daddy and Reuben set off to find the perfect pumpkins.

Gabriella loves kisses from Daddy.

My little pumpkin.

The best picture we could manage.

When did he get so big???

We found a ladybug!!!  Reuben was enthralled.

We even ran into some friends while we were there!!

Gabriella is ready to party whether she’s riding shotgun…

…OR taking charge of the wheel.

My AMAZING parents.

My kids are so blessed!

 Reuben is throwing up the “Go Pokes”…that’s for you Auntie Shan and Uncle Neal.

This is real life…no one looking at the right camera, Gabriella ready for her next bite of food, and Reuben not sitting still.

After the patch, we headed over to the pumpkin playland.  It was so fun!!

Gabriella’s all…”who are these fools in my family??”

We finished off a fun day with some hot chocolate.  I’d call it a WIN!


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