The Suite Life

Nick’s company owns a suite for the football games at TU.  Nick was awarded tickets for the game last night against UTEP so we jumped at the chance to go!  The kids were dressed in head to toe TU gear and Reuben was so excited for the game he completely missed his afternoon nap 😦

Gabriella is a real crowd pleaser in her cheerleading outfit and gigantic bow.


She had a blast and screamed like crazy!  It’s the most vocal she’s ever been!

Not a bad view 😉

Reuben was in HEAVEN.  We each got a free hat which really set his excitement level over the edge.

Cheering on Mommy and Daddy’s alma mater!  Well, Reuben occasionally chanted, “O! K! C!”  This kid is counting down the days to Thunder season.  Who can blame him?

Reuben enjoyed the free food…especially the carrots.  I think he ate approximately 30 of them.  Hopefully they balanced out his chips and popcorn intake.

If sleeping kids are a measure of success, I’d say our family night at the game was a big WIN!


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