Reuben’s Big Adventure

My sister gave me the greatest gift when she offered to take Reuben overnight while Gabriella had her tubes surgery.  On Wednesday afternoon, we met half way in Stroud.  Reuben was clearly very upset about leaving me.

Reuben raved about the dinner Uncle Chad fixed (chicken, rice, and green beans!) and was super excited to meet up with Uncle Neal and Auntie Shan for ice cream.  What a treat!

The little stinker put up quite a fight at bedtime.  Thankfully, once he went to sleep, he stayed asleep for the whole night.  He DID wake Auntie Ray Ray up bright and early at 6:50, though.

Rachel decided she would be superwoman and take Reuben and Brynlee to the OKC Zoo by herself.  As a going away gift, Rachel’s 2nd grade class bought her a membership to the zoo.  What a thoughtful gift!

Reuben has been desperate to see a gorilla for months (the Tulsa Zoo doesn’t have one), so he was THRILLED to see them at “Ray Ray’s zoo.”

Reuben has been telling me about the gorillas at least once a day since he came home.  He’s told me about when they first arrived the gorillas were in “time out” while the zookeeper set out some food.  Then, they all came out and ate lots of salad and carrots!  So exciting!

What’s a trip to the zoo without a posed picture with NEITHER of the kids looking at the camera? 😉

My child is a nut.

Another super special treat was feeding the giraffes!  Reuben said they loved to eat tree branches!

These two kiddos look pretty tired, but not more tired than my sister probably felt!

After a good nap, Rachel took Reuben to one last place…Eileen’s Cookies for a Thunder cookie!

While we were waiting to pick Reuben up at our halfway point, Gabriella decided to do some driving.

Reuben had the time of his life on his overnight adventure with Uncle Chad, Auntie Ray Ray, and Brynlee.  I’m so thankful for this wonderful gift Rachel gave me.  It was so special to be able to focus on Gabriella and know that Reuben was being well taken care of and having a great time.  We are truly blessed!


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