Gabriella’s Tubes Surgery

Gabriella went in this morning to have tubes put in her ears.  We made the decision to move forward with tubes because she’s had consistent fluid in her ears for several months, her hearing was affected, and she still hasn’t taken off with her crawling so we’ve been wondering about the effect the fluid might have on her balance.  Reuben had tubes put in his ears at the exact same age.

Gabriella was not thrilled with the early morning arrival time.


However, she still rocked her hospital gown in style.  They gave her the sweet little bear to take home.

Enjoying some sweet cuddles with Mommy.

This was definitely harder on us than it was on her!

They gave her a little medicine to help relax her so the transition from us to the medical staff would be easier.  After she got her “goofy juice,” she wanted to rock with Mommy.

Then she got SUPER laid back and we started to understand why they call the medicine “goofy juice.”

The surgery lasted about 10 minutes.  When the doctor came out to give us the report, he said she had really thick fluid on both sides so we should notice a big difference immediately.  So thankful for doctors and modern medicine!  We dropped Daddy at work and came home to take a nap.  After her nap, she was back to her normal self and ready to play!


One Comment on “Gabriella’s Tubes Surgery”

  1. […] sister gave me the greatest gift when she offered to take Reuben overnight while Gabriella had her tubes surgery.  On Wednesday afternoon, we met half way in Stroud.  Reuben was clearly very upset about leaving […]

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