Fishing with PaPa



On Friday morning, my dad asked if he could take Reuben fishing at Bass Pro.  PaPa has been talking about taking Reuben fishing since I was pregnant and found out I was having a boy.  He bought him his first fishing pole when he was like 6 months old.

So, Friday ended up being the perfect day to make all of PaPa’s fishing dreams come true.  The weather was nice, my dad’s schedule was free, and Reuben was capable and VERY excited.  I asked my dad if he could take some pictures while they were fishing, but he was too busy hooking worms and keeping Reuben from jumping in the pond 😉

When I pulled up to Bass Pro to pick them up, Reuben was looking very proud with his Mickey Mouse fishing pole and his new Cars tackle box loaded with fishing supplies.

This picture makes me want to cry every time I look at it.  The PURE joy in both of their faces makes me so thankful.  I love the way PaPa loves Reuben and the way Reuben loves his PaPa.  I’m so thankful for my dad and how invested he is in our lives.

Reuben sat down on the sidewalk and started showing off all his new stuff in his tackle box.  He even knew the name of everything!

We had to check out the ducks before we left…

…and chase a goose.

They didn’t catch any fish this time, but they enjoyed their quality time and already have big plans of going back 🙂


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