Our Annual Trip to the Fair

Last night, we continued our annual tradition of going to the fair on opening night with a big group of friends from church.  I was thrilled to go sans wheelchair this year 😉  I look forward to this night all year as it seems to officially kick off the fun of fall for our family.

Uncle Chris joined us…he’s always so helpful with the kids.  Reuben was ready to check out the horses right off the bat.

Reuben loved petting a little horse just his size.

Some of the cuties in our group.

The petting zoo was MUCH smaller this year AND the animals were just roaming around everywhere.  It was pretty intense.  While I was taking this picture, a goat jumped on my leg and tried to eat my phone.

This momma kangaroo was carrying her little joey in her pouch.  So sweet.

I preferred carrying my little baby this way rather than in my “pouch” like last year…ha!

LOVE seeing these two hand-in-hand.

Such a fun group shot!  We just keep adding more and more kids…

I was shocked when Reuben asked to do the pony ride because he’s always been really timid around animals.  He had a great time riding his good pal, Twinkie!

Look at that smile!  Made the $6 ride (ugh!) worth it!

And Gabriella had a ball watching her “buh buh” ride the pony.

These two had their game faces on when it came to food consumption.


I caved and gave Gabriella her first taste of sugar 3 short weeks before her 1st birthday.  I couldn’t resist her sweet little face while she intently watched the rest of us share the ice cream.  She loved every bite!

Reuben spun the wheel at the Cox Communications booth and scored some super cool shades.  I think he felt on top of the world wearing the shades while standing on the fire truck.

What’s the fair without an Indian Taco?

Apparently the shades helped Reuben play better on the playground.

Having a blast with his buddy.

I was SUPER disappointed when we couldn’t find the fried butter since I’ve been thinking about it constantly since I tried it at the fair last year.  BUT, I was happy to find my cheese on a stick in the same place sold by the same lady that’s there every year.

These boys had fun playing and being silly in the portable buildings.

Aren’t they sweet?  Yeah, this is before my son double-fist punched his buddy in the chin.  Oy vey.

Judging by the joy on these two faces, I’d say this year’s trip to the fair was a success (minus the absence of fried butter…boo)!


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