More Than Moms — Fashion

We had a great time at our More Than Moms gathering on Monday night.  Our topic this month was FASHION and our beautiful hostesses were Vivi and Kara.  They both worked so hard to prepare a very fun and informative evening.

Vivi and Kara started out by talking through what they believe to be the staples of every wardrobe.

Staples = A piece you can wear for all occasions, can be dressed up or down, and can be worn across the seasons.

  1. A great pair of jeans
  2. Basic cotton shirt
  3. Cardigan or outer layer
  4. Dress or Skirt
  5. Good fitting undergarments

Kara shared 3 great tips on piecing together an outfit:

  1. Add a pop of color.  Neutral colors are black, white, gray, navy, and brown.
  2. Add layers.
  3. Understand proportions…If you have a loose top, you can wear more fitted pants.  If you have a more fitted top, wear looser pants.

Vivi also shared her tips on finding your personal style:

At the end, there was even some time for some one-on-one question and answer time with Vivi and Kara.

The ladies also had a chance to walk by these posters that described different sizes and shapes (petite, busty, straight up and down, plus-size, small-chested, tall, and/or pear-shaped) and how to dress accordingly. The September 2012 issue of Glamour magazine had a lot of great information that was referenced regularly throughout the evening.

As the ladies left, they were able to pick out of a pair of earrings to add to their personal collection of accessories.

Each pair of earrings had this saying, “Effortlessly beautiful…always you.”  We are all uniquely designed and created.  We are our most beautiful when we are true to ourselves.  It was the goal of the evening to remind everyone of this truth and give simple tips to help everyone know their shape, style, and the best ways to dress to compliment their own beauty and preferences.

Next month our hostesses, Denisa, Jessica, and Rebekah will be showing us how to make low-budget gifts for Christmas!  I can’t wait!


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