11 Months Old

Gabriella is 11 months old today and I’m sure you’ll all be very surprised when I say…I can’t believe it!  Where is the time going?!?  Gabriella is such a precious gift.  She has a sweet countenance and an independent spirit.  I love that she notices when I leave the room, but most of the time, she continues to play happily knowing I’ll be right back.  This sense of security is what I aim to cultivate in both my kids.

Gabriella is talking, interacting, laughing, and playing with us.  I love it when we’re sitting around the dinner table and she starts to babble and put in her two cents.  She wants to participate in the conversation, too!  She’s continuing to do great at eating regularly and a variety of foods.  Her absolute favorite is the Plum Organic fruit and veggie pouches.  She can suck one of those down in no time flat and she hasn’t found a flavor she doesn’t like!

Gabriella has a mouth full of teeth.  She has NINE teeth so far and new ones seem to be popping up everyday!  It’s crazy how fast her teeth are coming in!

Gabriella still hasn’t decided she’s ready to crawl.  We’re getting closer and closer everyday, though.  We’ve started our in home visits with Sooner Start and they have been a wonderful help.  It’s funny because I know once she’s mobile things start to seriously change around here, but I’m still very anxious for her to meet this developmental milestone.

I know I say this all the time, but I just have to say it again…Gabriella is SO sweet and happy.  People comment to me all the time about how she’s the calmest, easiest, and happiest baby they’ve ever seen.  She is such a joy to our family.  I’m so proud of her.  I love being out in public with her, too.  The other day we were shopping at Hobby Lobby and these two older ladies were behind us in line.  She was talking, smiling, and waving at them so sweetly.  The manager of HL came over to tell the ladies that a new line had opened up and they told her the next person in line could go on to the new lane because they were being happily entertained by my sweet baby.  I just love that 🙂

We rearranged our living room to give Gabriella ample room to move.  She’s starting to scoot backwards while she’s on her tummy.

ALL GIRL…playing with Mommy’s pearls.

She had a blast playing in Reuben’s classroom at his Open House for MDO.

Her hair is starting to really fill in so that’s made for some interesting bedhead when she wakes up.

Gabriella loved watching the fish during a family trip to the aquarium.

PaPa hooked Gabriella up with some pretty sweet new boots.  Gabriella was obviously thrilled!

Rocking away in the rocker at Cammie’s house.  We have a picture of my mom, me, Reuben, and now Gabriella all sitting in this rocker.

Ready to party at midnight.

We had lots of family in town over Labor Day weekend to celebrate my MIL’s retirement and a cousin’s wedding.  Gabriella loved getting some quality time with Auntie Grace.

So pretty and ready for church.

Daddy has a pretty strict rule about bikinis for Gabriella.  Well, we happened to get this one as a hand-me-down so I asked Daddy if she could wear it for our last swim of the season.  He obliged and even let us take a picture 🙂 I love that she has a protective daddy, by the way…

So sweet and cuddly.

LOTS of time on her tummy on the floor.  Crawling HAS to be right around the corner…

Having tons of fun at the Drillers game!

Enjoying a little play time with her buddy, Lucas.

All dressed up and ready to cheer for TU!

She loved being outside and watching the game 🙂

We had family pictures and Gabriella’s one year pictures taken last week.  I can’t wait to see them!

Up on all fours!!

We’re ready for Thunder season to start back up!!

Apparently one of her BFFs texted her an LOL.

I just love cuddling with my baby girl.  She has my heart…


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