Gabriella’s First TU Game

We’ve been anxiously awaiting the beginning of football season around here.  We had a great time going to the first home game on Saturday to cheer on our alma mater, The University of Tulsa.  I can’t decide if I was more excited about going to the game or debuting Gabriella’s game day outfit 🙂

Thanks to friends on Facebook, we found out they were selling these adorable cheerleading outfits at Walmart!  I found her bow at the Affair of the Heart craft show this summer (the lady who makes the bows has a tailgate spot at the home games where she sells bows, headbands, and clothes!).

The cutest little cheerleader ever!

It was a BEAUTIFUL day for a football game!!

Papa, Grandma and Grandpa Agimudie, and Uncle Chris all joined us at the game!

She was either very serious about the game OR she was working really hard to hold her head up under the weight of her bow.

Reuben had a BALL cheering for TU.  We need to work on his timing a little bit, but he’s definitely got spirit!

Gabriella met lots of new friends and enjoyed being passed around during the game.

TU went onto a 45-10 victory over Tulane, but the win was very bittersweet because of a serious injury sustained by a Tulane player, Devon Walker, in the last play before halftime.  You can read the story HERE.  It was an agonizing wait as we watched the medical personnel tend to him on the field.  All I could think about his poor mom as we watched and wondered if he was going to be okay.  Reuben was full of questions, and once he saw the ambulance, started recalling the time the ambulance came to our house.  Nick did a great job processing and talking through the whole event with Reuben.  We’ve been faithfully praying for Devon Walker’s full recovery.


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