First Day Fail

Reuben goes to Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays.  This is his third year to go.  Today is his first day of school.

I completely forgot to take a picture and/or dress him cute for his first day.  Did you get that?

I forgot to take a picture of my child on his first day of school.

I also forgot to make a special gift for his two teachers to welcome them back to school.

Honestly, we’ve had a rough couple of months.  Nick’s schedule at work has been INSANE, the lack of a weekly schedule during the summer months has worn my patience thin, and we were all feeling the stress.  I was so focused on the excitement of starting back to a routine and having the chance to run some errands with one child instead of two that I FORGOT TO TAKE A FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL PICTURE.

So…for any of you who might have the misconception that I have it all together…just remember this post.

And…stay tuned for next week’s post…Reuben’s 2nd Day of School!!!

(My OCD won’t allow me to write this one off.  I have to have a follow up post to this one and this one.)


One Comment on “First Day Fail”

  1. I forget things like this all the time – Emma won’t have a fun scrapbook to look back on life – she’ll have my blog!

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