A Few Randoms

1. It’s 8:25 am and I feel like I’ve been up for days. Gabriella is already down for her first nap. I wish I could join her.

2. This is a day in which I would be very tempted to declare a movie marathon and dress it up like a very exciting new adventure. BUT, Reuben is no longer content with sitting and watching a movie allowing me an hour to check out. He now wants to discuss EVERY. SINGLE. BIT.

“What happened to Lightning McQueen’s tires, Mommy?”
“Mommy, why is Dory sad?”
“Why didn’t Lotso Bear push the button, Mommy?”

A simple answer in between snores isn’t sufficient either. He looks deep into my half-opened eyes and waits for a detailed response that will satisfy his curiosity for five seconds until another question pops in his head that demands an immediate answer.

3. Today would be a perfect day to swing by my house to make yourself feel better about your housekeeping. I considered posting pictures to really boost your ego, but decided I was content allowing you to believe that I live in a constant state of organized bliss.  You’re welcome.

4. I’m not sure why everyone got together and decided it would be a good idea to cancel all activities for the month of August. I was so desperate for an activity that I took both kids to the zoo on a day when the high was 93. For those of you who know me and my disdain for the heat, you understand how big of a deal this is. And…if you were impressed just by that, wait until you hear that I even agreed to walk through humidity hell AKA the rainforest so Reuben could see the baby jaguars. I know. I amaze myself, too.

(On a serious note, it was great to get out of the house and we had a wonderful time with our friends. Promise.)

5. I’m ready for fall.

The end.


2 Comments on “A Few Randoms”

  1. Jen Tufts says:

    A soul longing for fall needs Sangria + The Counting Crows.

  2. Heather Tiger says:

    I pray your day gets better. I understand these randoms and fell for ya!

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