Baby Doll Diapers

I stumbled across this baby doll diaper tutorial when I was looking for Christmas gifts to make for the little girls in our Love and Respect group.  The diapers are super easy to make and I’ve heard from both M’s mom & B’s mom that they are still a huge hit.

A friend of mine generously gave us some of her precious time yesterday afternoon to do me a huge favor.  I wanted to have a little thank you gift ready for her when she arrived as a small way to show my appreciation for her time and expertise.  She is a mother of two precious girls who are very close in age to my two kids.  So, I decided her little girls might like to have their own supply of baby doll diapers.

Presentation is everything…right?  😉

And I’m always looking for an excuse to use some Washi tape and twine!

Thank you so much, Ashley, for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us out!!


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