Our 6th Anniversary

Six years ago, on August 5th at 2:00 p.m., Nick and I exchanged our wedding vows in front of our friends and family.


Six years later, on August 5th at 2:00 p.m., Nick and I ran as fast as we could to take a nap as soon as we got both kids down for their naps.  My how things have changed.

As I’ve reflected back over our 6 years of wedded bliss, some highlights come to mind:

  1. Being blessed with two beautiful children.  I’m convinced that becoming parents has the potential to bring you so much closer to your spouse and also has the potential to make you want to rip their face off.  Thankfully, Nick and I have experienced more of the feeling closer and less of the ripping each other’s faces off.
  2. Fulfilling a lifelong dream by traveling to Australia for Hillsong Conference (summer of 2007).  On a serious note, our lives were changed, our minds were blown, and our hearts were stirred to crazy levels.  On a lighter note, I knew our marriage was strong after we survived sleeping 12 nights in a twin bed in his brother’s study abroad dorm room.
  3. Enjoying holidays to the fullest.  Whether it’s Christmas, birthdays, or Labor Day, both of our families know how to celebrate.  Any excuse to not work, eat good food, watch sports and/or holiday-themed movies, and make new crafts are cause for great joy around here.
  4. Leading worship together.  Even though I’ve recently had to take a break, it has been an absolute joy and honor to continue to have a variety of opportunities to lead worship alongside Nick.  I’m so proud of him and the way he has faithfully stewarded and developed this amazing gift God has given him.  While our kids are small, it’s been my honor (albeit difficult at times) to support him by staying with the kids while he goes to worship practice and leads 4 services each week.  Let’s face it…my vocal skills are probably better suited for the Veggie Tales version of “Jesus Loves Me” anyway.
  5. Cheering for our favorites.  Whether it’s Tulsa football, Thunder basketball, Team USA, or our favorite cast-off on the latest season of Survivor, Nick and I love to root for our team.  We’ve made lots of great memories over the years attending games, hosting watch parties, and dancing the most epic celebration dances ever when our favorites are victorious.  We’ve also supported each other in times of mourning after devastating losses.
  6. Laughing all the way.  We have experienced some hilarious moments and several that were not so humorous.  Regardless, we’ve continued laughing…until our bellies hurt…and often times until I entered my state of emotional confusion and started sobbing uncontrollably.  Just another reason, I’m thankful for my hubs…he loves me despite my moments of crazy.

I’m looking forward to many more years of memories with my amazing husband…the father of our kids, the pursuer of our dreams, the light in my life, the spiritual head of our household, my biggest fan, and the joy in any occasion.  I love you, Nick!!!


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