Me & You

The next big project in my master bedroom redo is a gallery wall. I found this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be a great addition! It’s also a perfect project for craft night because it’s mostly mindless.

Well, it should have been mindless. For a normal person.

This project took me 3 hours…because I’m not normal. I cannot do random. In theory, a random project should take less time because it eliminates the need to plan, organize, measure, etc. What random means for me is OVER planning, organizing, and measuring to make sure my random project doesn’t appear to be too methodical. Ugh. It’s exhausting for my Type A brain.

Thanks to the encouragement from my friends…Amy, just start gluing. Random, Amy. Random!…I was able to persevere and finish.

My friend, Vivi, had the great idea to add the yellow heart button.  I love the little pop of color!

I also enlisted Vivi’s help for writing the “me & you.” Vivi’s handwriting is amazing…it should be a font…so I knew I wanted her to write if for me.

Let’s face it. If writing the words was left up to me, I’d probably still be working on getting the letters lined up just right.


2 Comments on “Me & You”

  1. jessica rinner says:


  2. Ingrid says:

    Love it – so random! 🙂

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