Day Trip to Edmond


On Wednesday night, Rachel, Shannon, and I were having a conversation over text message (gotta love the group texting on the iPhone!).  We were all three missing each other and wishing we could get together.  I asked Nick if he minded if the kids and I took a quick day trip to Edmond on Thursday since we didn’t have anything planned.  He agreed so I texted back and told the girls the kids and I would be there the next morning to hang out.  It was so fun to plan something like this on such a whim!

As soon as the kids woke up, we threw our stuff together, ate a little breakfast, and headed to Edmond in our jammies.  We got there around 10 and Rachel and Brynlee were so excited to see us that Rachel decided to carry all 3 kids inside!

Rachel has a nice pool in her new neighborhood that she hadn’t been able to check out yet.  It’s always easier to do new things when you have someone with you so we were happy to be the first guests at their pool!

Thanks to Reuben’s puddle jumper, or as we call it, “muscles” and swimming lessons, he has been much more independent in the pool.

Gabriella loves relaxing in her shaded pool floatie.

Brynlee was SO stylin in her super cute swimsuit, sunglasses, and the coolest pool floatie in town!

After we swam for awhile, we went back to Rachel’s to change clothes and then drove over to OKC to meet Shannon for lunch at City Bites.  Chad was able to meet up with us, too!  It wasn’t a very relaxing lunch (nothing is when you have a baby and 2 toddlers involved!), but it was good to be together.


I decided to sugar Reuben up before the ride home and he chose the sugar cookie with blue icing…of course!

What a fun and special day it was!!!


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