9 Months Old

Gabriella was 9 months old on Saturday!  We just have 3 short months until her birthday and you better believe the party planning is in full swing 🙂

This month has been a bit rough for Gabriella.  Her other front bottom tooth and her two front top teeth took their time popping through and have been causing her lots of pain.  This has disrupted her sleep, but she has still maintained her sweet countenance 90% of the time.  She has also continued to struggle with eating food.  We’ve managed to get her to eat small portions of baby food, but she still seems to pretty much hate it.  We’ve had better luck with small bits of table food.  She’s had pears, bananas, apples, grapes, carrots, green beans, black beans, chicken, cheese, mashed potatoes, broccoli, bread, and baby puffs.  She never eats very large portions, but at least she’s consistently eating them without bawling her eyes out!  The teething plus lack of eating has wrecked havoc on her sleeping schedule, but we’re trusting she’ll be back to sleeping through the night in no time (please, Jesus)!

She still doesn’t seem in too much of a hurry to move around.  When laying down, she scoots herself all around, but she really hasn’t tried to crawl yet.  She’s happiest when she’s able to sit up and is surrounded by toys.  She’s stayed in the 90%ile for both height and weight and is moving her way into 12 month clothes.

She continues to babble like crazy and has discovered how to click her tongue.  She thinks that is pretty great!

Gabriella loves going to the pool and playing with her big brother.  She also starts screaming at the TV anytime she seems any type of puppet type creature.  She seems to think they’re hilarious!  She’s started to show a few signs of a little separation anxiety, but is mostly happy to play with anyone.

This is about as close as we get to a crawl before she decides to roll over and scoot around.

Stylin’ at the pool.

The cutest little Thunder fan in town.

Gabriella has never taken a paci, but she is very attached to her blankie that was made for  her by our friend, Sam.  A couple months ago, I asked Sam if I could pay her to make a new one so we could have a back up.  When we went to pick up her new blankie, Gabriella snuggled right in her carseat and was in heaven.

Cracking up with Mommy and Reuben!

Hanging out with Mommy in the backpack carrier at the zoo.


Looking super cute and ready for church.

Having a blast reading some books in Reuben’s bed.

Munching on an apple at Chick-fil-a.

Another picture with Reuben in our Sunday best.

Her hair is finally long enough to clip a little bow in!

The sweetest, most precious face!

Feeling very patriotic!

A little playtime fun with cousins on the 4th of July at Brynlee’s new house in Edmond.

Keeping cool at the splash pad.

She had so much fun during her first visit to Neinhuis pool!

Looking super cute in her new outfit!

Enjoying her first taste of broccoli.


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