Organized Craft Corner & Closet

As you can see in this picture, my corner of the office and the office closet were both a disaster of craft supplies. I had the organization tools in place, but they were not being used effectively. I cannot create in this type of chaos so I really haven’t been doing much. Something HAD to be done!


When I set this space up for myself, I prominently displayed all of my academic credentials…I guess to remind myself how hard I worked to be an over-qualified stay-at-home-mom ūüėČ

I decided to designate a bin for supplies for the current projects I’m working on. This is much cleaner than just dropping a Hobby Lobby bag on the floor or the desk. I also labeled and designated each drawer for specific supplies.

I have an entire desk drawer designated for all types of glues…you never know which one you might need! The bottom drawer contains a hodge-podge of sewing supplies.

I use the top of the filing cabinet to store the Cameo because it needs to be hooked up to the computer. The top two drawers of the drawer system contain a number of office supplies and the bottom drawer contains Cameo supplies.

I love having these two seven drawer towers. They fit nicely in the closet and hold a lot of supplies in a very organized way!

Here’s a closer look…

And the top of the two towers is a nice empty space to hold even more stuff!

I use this short, three drawer tower to hold fabric, scrapbook paper and supplies, and a miscellaneous drawer of crafty goodness. My fabric is obviously going to need a better, roomier, and more organized home at some point…SOON!

I Heart Nap Time


5 Comments on “Organized Craft Corner & Closet”

  1. underestimatedmom says:

    This is seriously awesome! it makes me want to get up and organize my own stuff!!

  2. KCoake says:

    Looks like a great place to create!

  3. Kristin says:

    AMY! I love the transformation! My craft area is on this week’s to-do list. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Rosario says:

    Great job! I wish I had a closet in my office, or a built in pantry to accommodate both the pantry items and the office and crafts supplies. In the meantime, I have to find creative ways to keep everything organized.

  5. […] Room: ¬†I blogged about my process of organizing my craft area HERE. ¬†There are several before and after pictures. ¬†When I’m crafting away in my space, I dream […]

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