I Love Facebook

That’s right. I said it. I love Facebook and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Life as a stay-at-home-mom has been quite an adjustment for me this past year.  I’m used to going, doing, and performing and while that hasn’t necessarily stopped, it looks much different at home than it does in the work force.  Sometimes my days can feel like a monotonous repetition of cleaning, playing, cooking, laundry, discipline, etc, etc, etc.  Facebook provides a connection to the outside world AND a reminder that there are lots of other mommies caught up in the same monotony as I.
  2. Both of my kids have a baby book and one of those cutesy calendars where I can write down their milestones as they achieve them.  Unfortunately, I have been horrible about filling them in and keeping up with them; however, between Facebook and this blog, I have a great and much more detailed record of what they’ve been doing day to day and month to month.  The extra benefit of sharing on the internet is that I have people encouraging us along the way.
  3. Speaking of encouragement…this is another HUGE reason I love Facebook.  Whether I share a funny comment Reuben made, a sweet picture of my kids, or a frustrating thing about my day, in a matter of minutes, my friends and family are laughing with me, oooohing and ahhhhing with me, or encouraging me with an, “I’ve been there too, ” or “It will get better,” or “You’re doing a great job.”
  4. I love the connection Facebook provides.  I am way more connected with people outside of my immediate circle than I would ever be without Facebook.  It’s so fun to be connected with friends from childhood, high school, college, youth group, past jobs, and various other places. Call me creepy, but I enjoy knowing what everyone’s been up to!
  5. I LOVE reading about my friends and family!  I really enjoy pictures of your daily life, fun vacations, and special events.  I love hearing “out of the mouths of babes” quotes.  I love being able to pray for you specifically when you ask.  I love being able to laugh with you, cry with you, relate to you, and encourage you.
  6. And finally, I love that there is an option to hide someone from my feed if they don’t fall into the above reasons of why I love Facebook…’cause Lord knows there are lots of reasons to hate or be highly annoyed by Facebook 😉

One Comment on “I Love Facebook”

  1. This is an AWESOME post 🙂 I love Facebook for all the same reasons! ❤ It's a SAHM mom's lifeline!

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