The Color Run

I am not a runner. I’ve never been a runner and never believed I could be a runner. When I played basketball in 8th and 9th grade, we had to run a mile everyday. It never got easier for me. It was hard EVERYDAY. I’ve secretly dreamed of being a runner…admired people’s posts on Facebook about the runs they “crushed” everyday…clicked through pictures of friends completing any number of races…and thought to myself, “must be nice…too bad I could never do that.”

As I’ve referenced several times before on this blog, this past year has been a crazy journey for me. One of the biggest parts of the journey is redefining myself…trading out what I’ve believed to be true about myself for the TRUTH about who He has created me to be. He didn’t create me to be insecure or to sit back and watch others pursue and achieve their physical goals. He created me in His image and gave me this body which is a temple that I can take care of and use to bring all glory back to Him.

Honestly, I don’t really know where I first heard about The Color Run. I read through an advertisement and watched a few videos. Yet again, I found myself sitting there thinking to myself, “I wish I was a runner. I wish my life allowed me to have that kind of fun.” To run a race is a desire I would never share with anyone because I was embarrassed of it. I felt like if I told anyone I wanted to run any kind of race, they would take one look at me and politely encourage me while laughing on the inside.

One evening back in March, though, while we were sitting at the kitchen table after dinner, I let the cat out of the bag to Nick. I told him I had something crazy to tell him. I’m sure his mind was racing with the possibilities of what would be coming out of my mouth.

With my head slightly hung, I looked up and quietly told him, “I kinda want to do The Color Run.” You know what his response was? He got up and danced around the kitchen with excitement and said, “Let’s do it!” I was completely caught off guard, but really encouraged by his enthusiasm. We decided to sign up that night so there was no turning back and I was officially on my way to completing my first 5K.

As another point of accountability, I texted some friends and family to tell them that we would be running The Color Run and extended the invitation for them to join us. Our dear friends, Jonathan and Vivi, took us up on our offer and signed up for the adventure with us. Vivi and I shared much of the same sentiment as far as our view of ourselves and our inability to participate in a 5K. It has been nice to have her by my side to commiserate with me when I felt nervous, anxious, or was just plain freaking out about what I had signed up to do. I know that I am very blessed to have friends who will share in every part of our life’s journey…even running a 5K!

I downloaded a Couch to 5K app on my phone and started training 13 weeks before the race. When I started my training, it was hard for me to run 1 minute without stopping. But as I continued, I actually found myself starting to enjoy it! I loved that I only had to commit to 30 minutes 3 days a week. Let’s face it…life as a stay-at-home-mom with a toddler and a baby is busy and unpredictable. This training regimen was very doable for me! Thanks to the stomach flu and a vacation, my training did get a little sidetracked for almost 3 weeks. This set me back quite a bit, but the 5K was quickly approaching so I just picked up where I could and kept pushing myself. Because this was my first official run, I set my goal to be as achievable as possible. First of all, I wanted to finish. Second of all, I wanted to do it in less than an hour.

Well, I am happy to report that not only did I finish, but I finished in well under an hour AND ran the whole first mile (12 minutes) without stopping! This was a HUGE accomplishment for the girl who could barely run for 1 minute back in March. Nick was so supportive. He stayed right with me the whole way, encouraging me the whole time, and made sure that I knew how proud he was of me. As we approached the end, he grabbed my hand and held it until we crossed the finish line.

The atmosphere of The Color Run was so celebratory and fun. There were people of all ages, shapes and sizes, and physical abilities having the time of their lives as they participated in the run. There wasn’t any pressure to perform…just a lot of encouragement to have fun and be carefree. Unfortunately, we had to miss out on the highlight of the day…the color cloud…because I had to get home to feed Gabriella (the joys of a nursing mom!). This is the reason Nick and I were able to stay fairly clean…most of the color happens after the race is over. Regardless, we had a great time! We achieved our goal which was to finish and have fun. And…we’ll be doing it again next year…that is, AFTER we complete a few other 5ks between now and then. Shhh…don’t tell anyone, but I think I might be hooked šŸ˜‰



3 Comments on “The Color Run”

  1. Kristin says:

    I loved reading this!! They say running changes everything…well maybe not everything but definitely its point is clear. The way God made endorphins is amazing…a bag of Hershey’s kisses provides the same rush (before the guilt) that a “runners high” gets….its the main reason I kept doing it. Getting past that hateful mile mark is a big hurdle because it usually takes that one to grease the joints and get your body working in sync…doesn’t mean the rest is a cinch but it becomes less arduous. I try to run 3-5 miles 4 times a week…so nothing astronomical but enough for me. When I feel like stopping my defining question is are you hurt? Then obviously something needs attention. If it is ‘Are you just tired?’ Well I have been tired before and that is not an excuse. I know how good I feel when I am keeping this body my spirit resides in the healthiest form it can be. I also feel it when I haven’t put the energy into it. The last 3 weeks have been crazy busy for me in a great way but the effects traveling has had on my regular exercise schedule shows its ugly head in shortness of temper, not thinking clearly and making wise judgements, etc etc. Anyway all this to say…HOORAY for you! And having your husband to do it with so very nice!

  2. Jessica says:

    Great job! Looked like so much fun!

  3. […] I finally decided this label would not define me any longer. I made the choice to sign up for a 5K (The Color Run), downloaded the Couch to 5K app on my phone and started my journey of redefining what I BELIEVED […]

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