Western Conference Champs!!!

Thanks to the OKC Thunder, my house has been party central lately.  The thing I love the most about the Thunder is that they are the only NBA team for OK so we’re all in agreement in our love for and support of the Thunder.  I love the way my Facebook timeline has been blowing up during and after every game.  Last night’s defeat of the Spurs in order to win the Western Conference Championship led to a big celebration in our home.

(The pictures aren’t the best quality, but I think they do a great job showing just how much fun we had!)

Reuben started yelling at the TV within minutes of the game starting.  He has quickly become OBSESSED with the Thunder and is talking nonstop about how he wants to be a basketball player when he grows up and we can watch him.  He’s got his heart set on playing with KD (Kevin Durant), so let’s all pray he has a LONG career ahead of him.

Reuben, Diego, and Brielle were dressed head-to-toe in Thunder gear, pulled up their seat in front of the TV, and cheered just as loudly as everyone else.

Some of the cutest Thunder fans on the planet!

The game was getting intense!

Joleen and Brielle tried their hardest to stay awake to watch the big win.

Nothing better than celebrating with friends!


Love this next series of pictures…

Yahoo!  We won!!!

My sweet Gabriella slept soundly through all the cheers, shouts, and screams.  I can’t believe it!

After the game, we loaded up the car to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods to buy a championship t-shirt.  Reuben was fired up for a big adventure and poor Gabriella drowsily came along for the ride.

Look at her droopy little eyes!  I can’t believe I got her up after sleeping so well through the whole game.  I’m so thankful for her flexible temperament that allows us to live spontaneously.


The guys and their Thunder gear.

Reuben batted his eyes just right when he asked if he could have this Thunder basketball.

This video is right after Harden’s big dunk right toward the end of the game.

This video is the celebration after the big win.

I can’t wait for the NBA finals next week!!!  Good thing we’re on a summer schedule and don’t really have anywhere to be.  All of our sleeping schedules are shot.  Oh well…you only live once, right?!?


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