Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: DIY Mother’s Day Plaque

I’m in an organizing lull right now so I’m sharing a craft today…inspiration in a different form 😉

I found a cute free printable on Pinterest one day and decided I wanted to make a Mother’s Day gift for my sister and friends from our small group.  So…I made this plaque 🙂

 I went to Hobby Lobby and bought the unfinished wood plaques.  Then, I put 3 push pins in the back of each plaque to prop them up so they wouldn’t stick while the paint was drying.  I got that idea HERE. (With all the talk about Pinterest and copyright/idea-stealing issues, I want to make sure I give credit on anything that wasn’t my original idea.  No idea stealing here!  Just LOTS of copying!)

I already had the primer from THIS project, so I covered each plaque with a few, quick coats.

Once the primer dried, I started painting…with my Sonic drink close by, of course 🙂

I used an acrylic paint that I had leftover from THIS project.  I just love the color.

While the paint was drying, I worked on the rolled fabric flowers.  I used some fabric scraps I had on hand to make the flowers.  Here’s a great tutorial on how to make the flowers.

I had the free printables printed at Quik Print.  They have a nice photo paper that is relatively cheap.  I forgot to take a picture of this, but I just attached the paper to the plaque with a few dots of hot glue and then added the flower on the top corner (also with hot glue).

Finally, I wrapped them up in some cute bags adorned with these free printables, washi tape, and twine.  I loaded the gifts and the kids in the car and went on a secret mission to drop the gifts off on doorsteps.  I was only caught once, so I would say it was a success!


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  1. […] plaques using some free printables she found HERE and HERE.  Here’s a tutorial on the plaque and the fabric […]

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