Seven Months Old

Gabriella was 7 months old on Monday!  Her biggest milestone of this month is sitting up which has opened up a lot of fun opportunities for her…sitting in the shopping cart, sitting in a high chair at restaurants, and having a full view of her toys while she’s playing on the floor.  She loves being able to be out of her car seat and able to look around at all the people and objects that surround her.

Gabriella is chewing on everything.  It feels like she’s been teething for 6 months now, but we still haven’t seen or felt any teeth pop through.

In the last month, she has hit a growth spurt which has caused her to go from sleeping 10-11 hours at night to waking up every 4-5 hours to eat.  I imagine that adding baby food into her diet would really help to tide her over for longer, but she does not enjoy eating off a spoon at all.  When I try to give her a bite, she closes her lips as tight as she can, makes two fists, and growls at me.  I think this is our first glimpse of a little stubbornness.  We’re doing good to get 4-5 bites down her each night.  I’m trusting that she will do better with time, and thankful for all the wonderful nutrients she receives from nursing.

Gabriella has never really been one to cuddle.  When she is tired, she likes to be put down in her bed with her blankie and left alone.  While this makes it very easy on me at naptime and bedtime, I do miss rocking her and cuddling her.  Well, since she’s been getting up more in the night, she’s also wanted to cuddle more.  I. Am. Loving. It.

Gabriella is babbling a lot and humming.  She is very content to play on her own, but also interacts really well when we play with her.  She loves her big brother and her face lights up when he walks in the room.

Prepare to be amazed by my technical ability AND my stunning little girl…

Thanks to, I was able to edit my photo quickly, easily, and for free!  Yahoo!

Showing off a new outfit from Cammie.

Cammie watches Brynlee on Fridays, so we’ve enjoyed stopping by for a visit on Friday mornings.

Playing at the park.

Getting a flower from her big brother 🙂

Playing with Paw Paw.

Sharing the changing table with Reuben…one of many moments when Reuben wants to make sure that Gabriella doesn’t steal all of our attention.

Swinging with Daddy.  Melt.My.Heart!

Instagram Pics

Sitting in the high chair like a big girl!

LOVING being outside and walking to the park.

Gabriella loves it when Reuben comes to get her from her nap or in the morning when she wakes up.

Stylin’ at the park.

Sitting up like a big girl!

Tight lipped while Mommy is trying to feed her.

Snuggle time with Mommy in the middle of the night.

A crazy hair day…a more regular occurrence than we prefer.

Sewing class with Mommy.


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