Drillers Game

Nick’s company has a suite at the Tulsa Drillers stadium and we were awarded some tickets to last night’s game.  Nick and I aren’t big fans of baseball, but Reuben loves it so we jumped at the chance to go.  We had a WONDERFUL time.  The new stadium is beautiful, the weather was perfect, the suite was really nice, and the entire staff was so friendly.  Honestly, I didn’t watch more than five minutes of the game, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Gabriella LOVED the backpack carrier.  It was perfect for her because she could relax and snuggle her blankie while we roamed around the stadium.

The playground area was a great place for Reuben to burn off some energy before heading to our seats.  As you can tell, we’ve entered the band-aid obsession phase.

Checking out the players during warm-up…

We had a great view of downtown from our seats.

This was my gorgeous view during the game 😉

After several innings, Daddy and Reuben went for a walk and came back with ice cream.  What fun is a sporting event without junk food and/or sweets?!?

Gabriella snuggled right in and fell asleep on Mommy.  I just love my cuddly baby.

We had an extra ticket so Uncle Chris joined us.  It’s always nice having him around.  We enjoy his company and he’s an extra set of hands!  Look at these handsome, confident men adorned with two precious kids 🙂


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