Jesus, Thank You for My “Tude”

When Reuben got up from his nap yesterday, he came into my room where I was feeding Gabriella.

When he walked in I said, “Hey buddy! Did you have a good nap?!?”

He got a scowl on his face, marched over, and hit the boppy where Gabriella was laying.

I quickly corrected him. “Reuben, nooo. We don’t hit our sister. Maybe you should go in your room and ask Jesus to give you a better attitude before you come back in here.” (A technique I observed and admired at my friend Vivi’s house)

Reuben looked at me and responded with a quick “K” as he turned and walked away.

I quickly grabbed the monitor off my night stand and cranked up the volume so I could spy on his time with Jesus. And I’m oh so glad I did. This is what I heard…

“Jesus, thank you for my ‘tude.’ And sorry for hitting Belle Ella. Amen.”

The huge smile on my face was met with a huge smile on Reuben’s face as he came bounding back to my room to announce that Jesus had given him a new “tude!”

There are days when I feel like I must be failing miserably as a parent because Reuben doesn’t listen, disobeys for the 100th time, etc. And then, there are days in which I get a small glimpse of hard work paying off combined with the amazing character Jesus has given my little boy.

I’ve been thinking about this ever since it happened and realizing what a powerful example Reuben set for me in this scenario.  When I have a stinky attitude, I need to give it to Jesus, trust that He’s in control, and come back changed!  There are several areas in which I need to pray and ask Jesus for a new “tude.”


One Comment on “Jesus, Thank You for My “Tude””

  1. Heather Tiger says:

    Such a great story and what a glimpse of grace! Thanks for sharing.

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