Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Okay, so I’m really setting my pride aside and putting myself out there with this post.  Be warned: my cabinets and drawers were in TERRIBLE shape before.  And be nice:  I’m giving you an inside look to all the things I store in my bathroom cabinets…that’s kind of scary!

To start cleaning, I pulled everything out and put it into 3 categories:  keep, trash, and donate.  Once I had my pile of things to keep, I started to separate it into categories so I could decide how I wanted to put it away.


UGH!  Terrible, right?!?

Yes, that’s denture cleanser you see.  No, I don’t have dentures.  I use it to soak my night guard everyday…which, if you have a night guard, I highly recommend doing this.  It’s been the most successful cleaning method for me!

More chaos.  This cabinet was stuffed with every lotion, perfume, bath set I’ve accumulated over the years.

An explosion of hair supplies.

A junk drawer of supplies I use everyday…yes, including the pick.  I know that’s so 1995, but it’s the best for combing my hair after I get out of the shower!

An explosion of makeup and random jewelry…

And this drawer…well, let’s just move on…


I found these great long, skinny drawers at Wal-Mart.  They are stackable, but they worked best side-by-side for me.  I’ve got cotton balls and Q-Tips in one drawer and lotions/perfumes in the other.  The buckets on top contain hair supplies and miscellaneous.

I gave away or threw out most of what was in this cabinet.  Now, it’s solely dedicated to traveling supplies.

A much more organized hair drawer.  The 2 little containers were perfect for hair rubber bands and clips/bobby pins.

I had WAY too much clutter on the bathroom counter so I was able to put most of it in here along with my basket for dental hygiene.

A drawer for jewelry and buttons.

A much more organized make up drawer…

And a drawer for other random necessities…

I am SO happy that everything now has a home.  As I’ve said a million times before…I am much more likely to put something away if it has a specific place.  It was also good to just pull everything out and do a big purge.


2 Comments on “Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Bathroom Cabinet Organization”

  1. lisa roth says:

    Beautiful! when I was house hunting a few weeks ago, one huge must for me was ample drawer space in my bathroom…..and I got it 🙂 so I immediately set out to make my drawers perfectly organized, especially my makeup drawer. It feels so good to have it all done, and I can finally see that I have plenty of brown eyeshadow!! For Pete’s sake!

    • amymacagi says:

      Awesome!!! I’m dying to see pictures of your new place! And…I totally understand…I don’t need to buy any more eyeliner…EVER!

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