The Bee Sting

We had a tragedy in our house last night. Reuben got stung by a bee for the first time. We had our carpets cleaned in the morning so the front door was standing wide open for a significant amount of time. I’m assuming that’s the moment the bee made his grand entrance. Since all the furniture was moved out, Daddy and Reuben were having a good ‘ol fashioned wrestling match in the empty living room when Reuben grabbed his leg and starting whimpering. Nick wasn’t quite sure what happened until he saw the wound and then the perpetrator lying there dying on the ground. Reuben took it like a champ, but I can guarantee you he’ll be reliving and retelling this story for weeks to come.

The perpetrator…

The wound…

The unusually happy wounded little boy and the dying bee…

Oh, wait. I’m so annoyed. That really hurt, Mr. Bee.

Why did you have to sting me???

Daddy took the fly swatter to the bee to finish him off while Reuben watched nervously in the background.

OMG, Mom. The bee is in the toilet.

Round and round he goes…

Deuces, Mr. Bee.


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