Reuben’s First Sleepover

On Friday night, Reuben had his very first sleepover at Cammie and PawPaw’s house.  Nick was leading worship for a conference, and I wanted to join him, so my parents graciously agreed to have Reuben over to spend the night.  Reuben was SO excited to spend the night at Cammie’s house.  He packed his suitcase first thing Friday morning and started sobbing when we pulled up in the driveway after our Sonic run because he thought we were going to Cammie’s house then instead of later after his nap.  Poor guy 😦

When he woke up from his nap, he was anxious to get all of his stuff together and hit the road.  (We’re in the band-aid obsession phase.  Reuben doesn’t have a boo-boo on his check, he just felt that that was the best place to put his band-aid when he was playing doctor earlier in the day.  Yippee.)

When we pulled up at Cammie’s, Reuben had a welcoming committee there to greet him and help him get his luggage inside.  Chad, Rachel, and Brynlee are still living with my parents (until May), so he had a whole crew of family to love on him and play with him for his first sleepover.

Cammie and PawPaw ordered Reuben his very own pizza from Papa Murphy’s that he got to “cook” all by himself.

Sprinkling the cheese just right…

Pretty proud of his creation!  When Reuben told me about the pizza the next day, he said it was really, really hot and had a big bubble on it 🙂

He also got to help Cammie bake some brownies…and lick the spoon, of course!

After dinner, they got to watch a new movie that Cammie had bought especially for that night.  When we FaceTimed with him before bed, he was snuggled in Cammie’s lap enjoying some popcorn while watching the movie.  Reuben slept pretty good considering it was his first time.  He did wake up once and both Chad and my mom got a good dose of Reuben’s middle of the night storytelling skills 😉

Cammie served him a delicious breakfast of waffles and milk before they headed out for soccer practice.

Reuben hasn’t stopped talking about his big night at Cammie and PawPaw’s house.  Once again, I’m feeling so thankful for family that lives close and loves my babies as much as I do!


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