Six Months Old

My sweet little girl celebrated her half birthday on Saturday.  I can’t believe it!  I think she is looking more and more like a McNamara everyday.  There are days when I feel like I’m staring at myself when I look at her.  When we chose Gabriella’s name, we talked about calling her Ella Kate or Ella for short.  We may still end up calling her that, but for now, Reuben’s original name for her–Belle Ella–has stuck.  We also call her Punkin or Punky 🙂

Gabriella loves to play on the floor and in her exersaucer.  She seems to be a little more independent than Reuben is, in that she enjoys being put down to play on her own.  She doesn’t mind being held, but she doesn’t really like to rock.  If she’s tired, she just wants to be laid down.  Gabriella continues to be really chill.  The other day, one of my friends asked if she is really this chill all the time…the answer is yes…except when she’s tired.  She is easy-going, go with the flow, sweet, lovable, happy, and peaceful.

Gabriella has started to babble more this month and interact with us.  She loves “talking” to Reuben in the car.  She thinks he is pretty funny.  Just last night Reuben had her giggling.  I love watching them interact!

I still have moments, at least once a day, when I find myself holding onto her extra tight or savoring a moment extra long and being filled with so much gratitude that she is ours and we get to experience all of these special days with her.

Big smile at the zoo.

Sunday morning picture with Reuben.

First ponytail 🙂

Relaxing and talking with Mommy.

Playing on the floor with Reuben and loving every minute.

This picture was snapped on a Tuesday morning while Reuben was at school and Gabriella and I were sharing a really sweet moment together.  I grabbed my phone and wanted to take a quick picture to commemorate this moment for myself.  The picture turned out a lot better than I expected and has quickly become one of my most treasured possessions.  And…she’s signing “Mommy” on my chin (not on purpose, but it’s still cool)!

This is how my baby looks 99.9% of the time…sweet and happy.

She’s been loving all the walks we’ve been taking in this beautiful weather lately!

We put her in this car at a birthday party on Saturday.  She loved it!  She looks like she was blazing quite a trail with her hair whipping in the wind like that 😉


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