Thunder Up!

On Monday afternoon, right after the kids went down for a nap, Nick called from work to tell me a lady from his work had offered him 2 free tickets to the OKC Thunder game that night.  She and her husband are season ticket holders and were unable to go that night so she gave us the tickets for free.  We tossed around a couple scenarios and decided it would be fun (and risky) to go with both kids.  Reuben is a huge Thunder fan.  His Uncle Chris gave him a Thunder hat for his birthday and we found him some Thunder basketball shorts at Wal-Mart.  His preference would be to wear both everyday.  So, I got busy packing our survival bags and as soon as Nick got home from work, we hit the road to OKC.

Nick has been to a few games before so he knew exactly where to park and how to get us to our seats.  We were in the nosebleed…one row down from the very top row in the whole stadium…but we were just excited to be there.  This blurry picture was the best we could do…

The Thunder didn’t win and really didn’t play as well as we’re used to seeing them play, but the fans are amazing!  The atmosphere of a Thunder game is definitely exciting and non-stop.  There was always something happening.  Reuben was a little nervous about all the noise at first, but he warmed up and was yelling, “Go Thunder!” “Thunder Up!” “Go defense!” by the second quarter.

I couldn’t believe that my 3 year old, busy boy sat as still as he did during the game.  He was really fascinated with and entertained by everything going on.

Gabriella had so much fun, she wore herself out and fell asleep on Daddy’s lap.  Nick did a great job keeping her ears covered so she could sleep despite all the screaming and cheering.

I’m typically not a very spontaneous person.  I don’t know if you’ve learned this about me yet, but I really like a plan.  However, it’s spontaneous nights like these that remind me to embrace and live in the moment even if it’s not according to my plan.  We had a great night of quality family time with lots of smiles, laughs, and special memories made.


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