A Little Easter Fun

Last week, we were invited to our friend’s house for an Easter party for the kids in our small group.  Kara did a great job planning, preparing, and hosting the party.  The kids had a great time!

Gabriella got all dressed up for the party in her new Easter shirt (made by Mommy…thanks to the magic machine AKA Cameo) and her jean skirt.

Kara had lunch all ready for the kids when we got there and even did a little Bible story using the Resurrection Eggs.

I’m not gonna lie, the Easter egg dyeing stressed me out a little and I had to walk away from the table a couple of times.  Thankfully, I have friends that are much more relaxed than me and could take over when my blood pressure started to rise 😉

Reuben was pretty proud of his finished product!

Gabriella did a little sunbathing while the big kids were busy dyeing their eggs.

Gearing up for the big hunt!

These two look like they’re looking for trouble…

And the hunt is on…

I love that our group shots are always so crazy.  It’s a perfect representation of reality 🙂


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