Gabriella’s First Haircut

I waited as long as I possibly could, hoping that Gabriella’s hair would magically even out.  But…this was her reality…

…long wisps on the top and sides and almost bald on the back where she had rubbed almost all her hair off while sleeping on her back.  She was starting to look like an Hasidic Jew with side curls.

I sent this picture to our hairdresser and asked if she could squeeze Gabriella in on Saturday when we went for Reuben’s and Nick’s haircuts.  She graciously agreed.

A few PRECIOUS pics of my sweet girl’s ADORABLE little face…

The short hair in the back with this wispy sides.

Daddy and Miss Liz are both taking this haircut very seriously.

Let’s please take a moment of silence to appreciate Gabriella’s abundance of rolls…makes me want to kiss her up!

Gabriella had a little bit of a panic at the thought of losing her precious side curls…

…but she bounced back quickly and was really happy with the end result!


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