Fun at the Zoo

We purchased a membership to the zoo this year so we decided that Saturday would be a perfect day to use it.  Reuben LOVES the zoo.  Each time he goes, he talks about the animals he saw for weeks afterward.  Saturday was perfect weather…overcast, breezy, and cool.  We were there for 3 hours!  That’s a new record for us.  I loved the quality family time, on a relaxed schedule, with no interruptions, and totally focused on our kids.

Reuben and I were waiting for the elephants.  He yelled, “Come here elephants!” as loud as he could and was pleasantly surprised when they came walking out of the building shortly after.

We shared a little smooch while we waited 🙂

And…I rode a camel with Reuben.  Reuben wanted to ride it so badly and Nick graciously offered for me to be the lucky one to ride it with him.  I’m pretty sure I held on tighter than Reuben did.

Thumbs up for me being a camel riding mother of the year.

The new sea lion exhibit just opened so we made sure to be at the show.  The new exhibit was beautiful, but the sea lions seemed a little tired to us.  It was still fun nonetheless!

Here’s Dorsey doing what she does best…perching herself on the rock in the middle of the water.  When we walked by later, she was laying on the rock on her back snoozing away.

Reuben’s been on a bit of a “Rio” kick lately (we found the BluRay/DVD combo on sale for $10 at Sam’s), so he was pretty excited about seeing “Blue.”

Reuben’s definitely a lot more courageous than he used to be when it comes to petting the goats.  This thrills me.

Checking out some brand new baby goats!

My little monkey 🙂

Gabriella really enjoyed her second visit to the zoo.  She loved riding along in the stroller with the breeze blowing through her hair.

Our family of four + a dude in camo.


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