Reuben’s Birthday Celebrations

We had a full week of celebrating Reuben’s 3rd birthday!  I think it is safe to say that Reuben had a great time and feels very loved.

(Be warned:  This post has approximately 1,382 pictures)

Reuben goes to Mother’s Day Out on Tuesdays so he had school on his actual birthday.  I ordered some cookies from Barbee’s and took them up to share with his friends at the end of the day.  Reuben felt pretty special being the birthday boy for the day 🙂  Reuben was so excited to see me when I arrived that he hit his friend in the face.  We’re working on properly channeling our emotions.

On Tuesday night, we celebrated by having Reuben’s all time favorite meal…chicken and rice.  Grandma Z dropped by with a gift, balloons, and some cupcakes.  So, he got to enjoy a special dessert after he ate up all his dinner.

Nick and I decided that after the 1st and 2nd birthday parties, we would start doing parties every other year.  We still wanted Reuben to be able to celebrate with his friends so we asked him what he would like to do.  He promptly requested a play date at the park.  Besides the crazy wind, we had a nice little get together at the park.  Nick was able to take the day off from work and it was really nice to have his help.  We played, ate a picnic lunch, opened presents, and enjoyed the cupcakes that Reuben specifically requested (chocolate and vanilla with blue and green icing).  Reuben had so much fun that he took a 4 hour nap when we got home!  Score!

On Friday night, we hosted our immediate family for dinner and our final birthday celebration.  We are so blessed to have our families nearby (Neal and Shannon graciously drove in from Edmond).  My children are both very loved and I am so thankful.

(Can we all pause for a moment of silence in appreciation of the beautiful cake I made for Reuben)


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