Five Months Old

Gabriella is 5 months old today!

There haven’t been many changes this month.  Nick and I were talking just the other day about how the months of January and February just felt like one big blur to us!

 Gabriella continues to be very easy going and mild mannered.  She is SO laid back and content.  She will just sit and take in her surroundings for long periods of time.  She doesn’t feel the need to move yet…so she just stays…in one spot…until you move her.  We’ve been doing lots of floor exercises to get her to try to roll over.  She’ll do it if you get her started, but if you don’t make her move, she’s content to just stay put.

She is happy and sociable.  She doesn’t mind being passed around to different people and will usually smile at anyone who talks to her.

When she’s tired or hungry, she will fuss and cry, though.  Nick and I left her for the first time this month and she decided she wouldn’t take a bottle.  This is really the first time she’s thrown a big fuss about anything.

We fall in love with her more and more each day and are really enjoying getting to know her better now that she’s awake for extended periods of time during the day.  I still haven’t figured out her routine for daytime, but she does sleep through the night (most nights) so I’ll take it!

Enjoying some tummy time!

Gabriella loved her first bath in the tub with Reuben.  They both got a big kick out of each other.  We will definitely only be doing this when Nick and I are both home…it’s too much work for one person!

iPhone Pics

I was feeling all sorts of guilty when I looked through my files for pictures to post this month because I didn’t have many to choose from.  Then I started going through my phone.  There are no shortages of pictures of my sweet girl…I’m just not grabbing the camera as often as I am using my phone.  Need to work on that…

Gabriella has a great time playing in the nursery with her friends at church.  Mommy still hasn’t been brave enough to leave her there, but I’m working up the courage!

She enjoyed a nice walk to the park on a warm day.  When I put her sunglasses on her, she didn’t stop smiling!

This dress was a gift from Pastor Renae.  I love dressing her up for church!

Gabriella has started playing in the exersaucer this month.  She loves it!

Reuben has rekindled his passion for the exersaucer now that Gabriella is playing in it 😉

This dress was a gift from our friend, Vivi.  Again…all dressed up for church!

Gabriella had RSV this month 😦  I had NO idea she had it, though, because she didn’t run a fever at all, it didn’t disrupt her sleep, and she never lost her happy and content personality.  I took her in because of her congestion and she tested positive for RSV.  We did several days of breathing treatments and steroids, and I’m happy to say, she’s all better now.  I took this picture when she was in the middle of her bout with RSV to document how content she was despite feeling sick!

The sweetest picture EVER of my little boy and girl 🙂

I just loved Gabriella in this outfit because it’s very similar to something I would wear…jeans, hoodie, and Toms!

I had the brilliant idea to put a night cap on her for bedtime because she’s rubbing the hair completely off the back of her head resulting in major bald spots and mats in her hair every morning.  Well, this brilliant idea was short lived when she woke up at 1:30 crying because she had pulled the cap down over half her face.  So, we’re embracing the baldness for now. Oh well!


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