DIY Chevron Painted Canvas

The laundry room is almost done!  The last step has been to do a few things to decorate the space.  I decided not to paint the walls in the laundry room because painting totally overwhelms me and makes me feel like a complete failure.  SO…I decided to bring in some color in some other ways.

I searched around online for a tutorial on how to paint a chevron design on a canvas.  I didn’t really find one that was super helpful, but I did figure out that masking tape seemed to be better to use than the blue painter’s tape.  So, I cut a BUNCH of 3-inch long strips of masking tape (1-inch wide).  I started creating the design by overlapping the 3 inch strips across the top of the canvas.  Once I finished that row, I used a ruler to mark 1-inch down and continued with the next row. And so on until I covered the canvas with tape.

After I finished taping, I used a sponge brush to paint the canvas.  I painted 2 coats and then followed up with a different paint brush because I felt like there were still lots of streaks.  The second paint brush helped to fill in the color.

I used this paint that I got at Walmart for about $2.

I waited a couple of hours for the paint to dry and then pulled off all the masking tape.  The finished product is not perfect by any means.  If I was hanging this on my wall, I would have gone back with a fine tipped paint brush to do some filling in.  But, I’m using this on top of some cabinets as a back drop so once I placed it, you couldn’t see any of the errors at all.

This was a really fun, somewhat tedious, project!  I love the way it looks behind the display on top of my laundry room cabinets.

I’ll reveal the completed laundry room on Thursday!


4 Comments on “DIY Chevron Painted Canvas”

  1. Heather Tiger says:

    Pretty Amy, and helpful tutorial! I’m pinning it!

  2. […] used an acrylic paint that I had leftover from THIS project.  I just love the […]

  3. Kellye says:

    I’ve heard if you remove the tape before it’s dry it will help with the bleeding

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