A Little Leap Year Fun

My friend, Vivi had a wonderful idea to take pictures of our kids on Wednesday night at church to document this stage of life for our kids on this special day since it won’t happen again for 4 years. We are in such a fun (and very tiring!) season of life. Can’t wait to look back four years from now and see how the kids have changed.

I have to explain Reuben’s because what I wrote seems a little harsh. Reuben is a very sensitive little guy and would be happiest if he had mine or Nick’s undivided attention 24/7. We had had a rough morning that day trying to get out the door to meet our friends for story time. Reuben was right under my feet while I was rushing around and I stopped, looked at him, and said, “Please give Mommy some space!” Well, at lunch, Reuben decided to tell Joleen all about what happened that morning. Lovely. He summed his story up with, “I need to give Mommy some space.” Ha!

Madelyn and Isaiah didn’t make it to church that night so their mommies took these pictures at home…

And…as always, the group pic was hilarious and chaotic.

The big boys decided they needed a turn in the bumbo seats to end the night 🙂


One Comment on “A Little Leap Year Fun”

  1. Heather Tiger says:

    Really cute and fun idea!

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