Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Cleaning out the Freezer

I’ve been working on revamping my laundry room for over a month now.  I’m excited with the results, but when I only have an hour here and an hour there to work, the projects last a lot longer.

So, for now, I’m showing you another quick organization project with wonderful results…cleaning out the freezer.  Once again, I was amazed and disgusted by how much I threw out which continues to prove my point…when a space is organized, you can see what you have much easier, and therefore, you use what you have instead of forgetting about it and eventually having to throw it out.


Ugh.  I got to the point where I would just open the door, shove something in, and hope it didn’t fall out before I got the door shut.


I used a couple of tubs that I already had to contain some of the like items.  I made the vinyl labels for the tubs using my Cameo.

A closer look of a much happier space 🙂


2 Comments on “Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Cleaning out the Freezer”

  1. kristin taylor says:

    Great idea to use the tubs in your freezer! I never thought of that! BTW, I think we have all of the same things in our freezer…. I guess it’s a toddler thing!

    • amymacagi says:

      Well, I just used the tubs because I had them and they fit! I’m trying my hardest to not spend too much money on my projects 😉 Yes, I’m sure our food similarities have a lot to do with this stage of life!

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