Gabriella’s First Homemade Outfit

I hosted our monthly craft night at my house on Friday night.  My goal for the night was to figure out how to make ruffle pants for Gabriella.  With the help of this YouTube video and blog tutorials, I’m sure I could have done it on my own, but I took advantage of having my super talented friend, Karen, in my home and used her expertise.  We didn’t finish Friday night so she was gracious enough to come over Sunday night to help me finish the pants.  Now that I have successfully completed one pair of pants, I feel like the world of super cute girls’ clothes has been opened up to me…especially since I know Karen is only a phone call away 😉

I decided the pants needed a matching shirt so I bought a plain, white onesie and used my Cameo to cut out a bird applique.  After it was cut out, I ironed the bird onto the shirt and then the wing onto the bird.  After ironing, I used embroidery thread and hand stitched along the edge of the bird and the wing.  Finally, I added a gray button for the eye.

And what outfit is complete without a bow?!?  I used the fabric scraps to make a cute matching flower for Gabriella’s hair.

This was so fun!  MANY thanks to Karen for helping me so much.  Can’t wait to try out other projects!


9 Comments on “Gabriella’s First Homemade Outfit”

  1. Tina Smith says:

    You are just too smart! So cute.

  2. SHUT UP! You made that! I’m so jealous! Too Cute!

  3. Kristin says:

    Wow for someone wondering about how to dress girls you are like the Pro! This is beautiful and the attention to detail makes it perfect! Wish I had another daughter so you could dress her…but there will be grandchildren God willing so….

    • amymacagi says:

      Thank you so much, Dr. DiPerri! I will be watching for any news of a grandbaby. I would love to make him/her a little something 🙂

  4. aunt linda says:

    I am furrowing as ii inspect this homemade outfit … i say an A+

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