The Furrow

I have my first wrinkle.  I turned 30 a few months ago, so I guess it was only a matter of time.

The wrinkle could also be referred to as a furrow line.  You see, there’s this face the McNamara family makes quite often.  We refer to it as the “Ledbetter furrow.”  Ledbetter is my mom’s maiden name.  Her parents made this face, my mom makes the face, she’s passed it onto her 3 girls, and now our children make the face.  (My dad has even jumped on the furrowing bandwagon.)

(I sent a text to my family and asked them to send me pics of themselves doing the furrow.  These are the pics I got back.  Rachel even sent me  one of Brynlee doing the furrow while sleeping. So funny!)

This particular face could indicate a wide array of thoughts, feelings, or emotions; however, it is frequently perceived as negative.  Usually when you see a McNamara furrowing, we are intensely focused on something.

The point of our focus could be trivial…

Woah, that’s a really cute skirt. Wonder where it’s from?

What should I make for dinner tonight?

Where did I set my pen?

Did I set Survivor to tape?

OR the point of our focus could be a little more critical…

I can so relate to the story she/he is telling me.  How can I encourage them and let them know they’re not alone?

I’m really trying to understand what this person is saying…

I’m really concerned about the outcome of this particular situation…

I wonder if anyone has told her how much a new bra would change her whole appearance for the better…

There have been many occasions along the path of my life, that after I’ve gotten to know a friend much better, she has shared with me that she thought I was a total snob before she got to know me OR she felt that I hated her very existence and anything she did would totally annoy me.  99.99999% of the time, this is SO not true!  What I have discovered is that the misunderstanding can often be attributed to the stinking furrow!  It’s not something I consciously do, and the majority of the time, the thoughts going through my head while in the midst of furrowing are NOT negative.  Intense…maybe.  Negative…not usually!

I need to apologize for any negative first, second, third, or even lasting impressions I’ve left on anyone because of the furrow (or my own insecurities…which is a whole other topic to be discussed in a later blog entry).  I promise I don’t hate you or wish you were dead.

I may just be seriously coveting your shoes.


2 Comments on “The Furrow”

  1. I was looking at my furrow recently and thought it must have gotten there because of teaching and surely not my age! Ha!

  2. Katie says:

    Love the furrow and the pics of all the furrows!

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