Delightfully Inspiring Thursday: Medicine Cabinet

I took on my medicine cabinet this week.  Guys, I’m embarrassed by how many expired medicines I had in my cabinet of which MANY we had been using!  Ack!  This is one of the number one reasons I’m motivated to create and keep an organized space…so I can see and use what we have before it expires!


The cabinet wasn’t terrible, but I knocked things over and out all the time when trying to reach for something in the back.

I still had medicines stored in one of the vanity drawers because that’s where they’ve been since we moved in the house…which was BEFORE children.  Almost all of these medicines were expired.  Terrible.

An entire drawer full of sample prenatal vitamins…such a waste of space.


I went to the Dollar Tree and bought four food storage bins that are clear and fit perfectly side by side in the cabinet.  I went through and trashed everything that was expired and got rid of everything we don’t use.  I was able to shift all medicine into this cabinet and empty out the 2 vanity drawers that are well within child’s reach and should never have had medicine in them in the first place!

I like using the bins because they’re easy to pull out and find what I need.

The adult medicines and fingernail polish were moved up to the middle shelf…farther out of the reach of children.

This project took me about 30 minutes.  I encourage you to go through your medicine cabinet and get rid of expired medicines and anything else that might be taking up your precious space!  It’s a quick project that has very satisfying results 🙂


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