Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is a very special day because it is my mom’s 61st birthday.  My mom is a treasure.  She is a friend, confidant, supporter, and an encourager.  She is honest, trustworthy, giving, loving, funny, full of life, fashionable, hip, gifted, genuine, and caring.  She is my number one fan.  She loves me unconditionally.  She understands me and my complex character.  She loves my husband and my children with passion.

Mom, I love you.  I’m so thankful for you.  I’m honored that God chose me to be your daughter.  I celebrate you today, and everyday, for who God created you to be and the gift you are to me and so many others.  Happy birthday!

I love this picture of my mom (and dad, too).  I love the way she loves my kids.  I love how young at heart she is.  And, I just love the way she has maintained her fashion sense!

Since Shannon and Neal were already in town for Brynlee’s party this weekend, we decided to celebrate my mom’s birthday on Sunday after church.  I had everyone over to my house for lunch.  I asked Shannon and Neal to come over a little early to help me keep the kids entertained while I cooked.  Well, I don’t know who had more fun…Shannon or Reuben 😉

We had Pioneer Woman’s lasagna, garlic bread, green beans, salad, and a delicious apple crumb dessert.

After lunch we headed into the living room to open presents.

Neal kept Reuben (and himself) entertained with a little Netflix on the iPad 🙂

My mom wasn’t surprised by any of her gifts, but I’m thankful we were able to get her exactly what she asked for.  I also love that a sweater from Loft was top on her list.  My mother is so fashionable!

Cards are a cherished part of any holiday in the McNamara family.  It’s so fun to give and to receive the perfect card.

My dad got my mom an iPad!  She gonna be so techno savvy!  We also got her a super cute cover and an App Store gift card to go with.  She’s all set!


4 Comments on “Happy Birthday, Mom!”

  1. Jessica says:

    love your dad’s face in the last pic!

  2. Lori Dees says:

    Amy…..you always have been so good to relay your feelings toward your family…..Thanks for letting the tech world know how phenominal your momma is!!! I also love your dad’s face in the ipad pic!! Love you girl!!

  3. Mamamac says:

    Thank you, Amy! I feel so loved and honored!

  4. Sharon Myers says:

    Sweet blog! I love your mom too! She’s a great friend!

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