We’re Home!!!

Reuben has this tradition…borderline OCD ritual…that he’s been doing for several months now.  When we pull into our neighborhood and turn the corner onto our street, he starts in.

Ming Ming, Tuck!  Caillou!  Football!  Basketball!  Cars!  We’re hooooome!

This is the standard version that he says EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

(In case you were wondering, Caillou, Ming Ming, and Tuck are all characters from children’s TV shows.)

Every once in awhile, he’ll throw in something extra…Goldfish!  Woody Buzz!  Hide in tent!  Two “nigh nighs!”…but the original one above is what he says every time, without fail.

Nick and I thought it was so cute and funny (and still do), but we’re starting to wonder if it’s become an obsessive thing BECAUSE there have been a couple times lately that we’ve come home and Reuben is watching a show in the van.  If we manage to pull up in the driveway before he notices that we’re home, he starts to cry…hysterically…because he missed the opportunity to say his chant in his sing-songy voice.  Being the wonderful parents that we are (actually just desperate to avoid the crying fit), we pull out, drive around the block, and come back down our street so Reuben can do his thing.

Having learned from our experience, we now make a point to say, “Where are we, Reuben?” when we pull in the neighborhood to make sure he doesn’t miss his opportunity.  He’s even gone so far to say, “Wait, Mommy!” until we get to the exact point of our turn onto our street so he can begin his chant.

Sounds a little OCD to me.

Can’t imagine where he gets that from.

Here’s a little sample…


2 Comments on “We’re Home!!!”

  1. Anna powell says:

    Kids got a great sense of direction and belonging. Sound like he is secure in his surroundings and home is a happy place to be. Bet if you took him to Wal Mart, and let him he could tell you where to turn to get back home. OCD???? Maybe, but sounds pretty great to me.

  2. Becca says:

    Oh, the firstborns and their love of routine and control. Isn’t it FUN?!

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